Easy Beginner’s Guide to Pointed Dripstone

When it comes to Minecraft’s underrated blocks, Pointed Dripstone is at the top of my list. While it’s not the most versatile block, the uses it does have are amazing for how easy it is to get. If you’re not familiar with it, I’ll explain what it is, where to find it, and all of the wonderful things you can do with a little Dripstone in both Java Edition and Bedrock Edition.

What is Dripstone in Minecraft

There are two different types of Dripstone—Dripstone Blocks and Pointed Dripstone.

Dripstone Blocks

Dripstone Blocks are full blocks with the appearance of Pointed Dripstone.

Pointed Dripstone can be placed and grown on Dripstone Blocks.

Pointed Dripstone

Pointed Dripstone is the block found growing on Dripstone blocks. When facing upwards, Pointed Dripstones are called Stalagmites.

When the Pointed Dripstones hang down from Dripstone Blocks, they are called Stalactites.

Where to Find Dripstone in Minecraft

Both Dripstone Blocks and Pointed Dripstone can only be found in the Dripstone Cave biome.

Pointed Dripstone in either of its forms can be mined by hand, although it is mined more quickly using a pickaxe. Dripstone Blocks must be mined with at least a wooden pickaxe to drop the block.

Trading for Dripstone in Minecraft

Wandering Traders will give you two Pointed Dripstones in exchange for one emerald. This trade can be done five times at once to obtain a total of 10 Pointed Dripstones.

Journeyman Mason villages have a chance to sell four Dripstone Blocks for one emerald. This can be done up to 16 times at once to gain a full stack of the Dripstone Blocks.

How to Use Pointed Dripstone in Minecraft

The uses for Pointed Dripstone vary depending on whether it is placed as Stalagmite or Stalactite.

Stalagmite Uses in Minecraft

The main use of Stalagmites is as a form of defense. They increase the fall damage a player or mob takes when they are landed on. To test this out, I first jumped out of a tree, which did about 1 heart of damage.

When I jumped out of the same tree onto a larger piece of Pointed Dripstone, I took 2.5 hearts worth of damage.

They can also be used as decorations for your builds. By placing Pointed Dripstones on top of each other, you can create points of any size. An example of this can be seen in our 7 Unique Minecraft Bedroom Ideas guide.

Stalactite Uses in Minecraft

The two major uses of Stalactites are as a major component in water and lava duplication and as a way to convert mud into clay.

Water and Lava Duplication

To duplicate water and love, all you need is a source of either lava or water, Cauldrons, Pointed Dripstone, and blocks to surround the lava or water source with. I used Dripstone Blocks since they could easily be obtained alongside Pointed Dripstone. Place the blocks surrounding the water or lava source first, then place Pointed Dripstone beneath them. Put Cauldrons on the block of ground directly beneath the Pointed Dripstone before placing the water or lava.

In my experience, water will fill the cauldrons much more quickly than lava will. However, you can easily create a renewable source of either with this method. I’d recommend it more for lava since two buckets of water can easily create an infinite source of water.

Converting Mud into Clay with Dripstone

To convert Mud into Clay, you’ll need one Pointed Dripstone, one Mud block, and one other block. Placing one Pointed Dripstone directly onto a Mud block will not change it. Instead, there needs to be one block between the Mud and the Stalactite.

Stalactites as Decor

Just like Stalagmites, the final usage of Stalactites is as a piece of decor. They can easily be hung from most ceilings to add texture and a cave-like aesthetic to any home.

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