Great guide on how to make a mushroom farm in Minecraft

What are mushroom farms?

Mushroom farms are used as a quick way to gain mushrooms in Minecraft. There are multiple ways to farm mushrooms, but it’s important to know their basic mechanics first.

There are two main variants of mushrooms: huge mushrooms and small mushrooms. You can get large mushrooms by using bone meal on a small red or brown mushroom. Though this can only be done on mycelium, dirt, podzol, and nylium blocks.

Huge mushrooms are great for farms, as they can be very efficient and produce 20 mushrooms per shroom. But it’s not the only way to farm mushrooms.

Another important mechanic to note deals with small mushrooms. The most important thing to note is that they cannot grow when the light level is greater than 12, so it’s important to not over light your area. The exception to this is when they’re on podzol, mycelium, and nylium, as these ignore the light level your mushroom is on.

Mushrooms will spread at a random tick. It has roughly a 4% chance per tick to spread to a different block. I will check if a mushroom can be planted around it; if it can, it will spread; if not, it will fail.

Due to the light level limit, using light sources such as soul torches will allow you to keep your area lit without exceeding the light level limit. You can also build your farm in the nether, as mobs do not spawn in small areas inside the nether, making it quite efficient.

What mushroom farm should I use?

There are four main ways for players to farm mushrooms in Minecraft. Each way has different levels of difficulty, so it’s important to check which one works for you and your resources.

Mooshroom Farm

The first farm uses a unique cow type, mooshroom cows. This is the simplest type of farm, but it remains quite efficient, even though it can be decently loud.

By striking mooshrooms with lightning, you can turn them into brown mooshrooms, which would then give you access to both types of mooshroom cows. This is important because when you shear a mooshroom it will drop five mushrooms, depending on the type of mooshroom.

This farm simply relies on constantly breeding the cows in a limited area, which can be marked by a fence. You can lead and breed them using wheat, which makes them fairly easy to farm.

If you need to force lightning to strike a specific mooshroom, you can use a trident with the channeling enchantment. This will allow you to direct lightning at any cow you throw the trident at during a thunderstorm.

This farm is fairly simple but probably requires the most active player input compared to other methods.

Simple Small Mushroom Farm

This method of farming mushrooms is also quite simple but relies on RNG and slow growth, which makes it one of the more inconsistent angles. It’s also a minigame in itself to try and balance the light levels to prevent hostile mobs from spawning, which is why this farm is typically done in the nether for beginners.

The best way to start this farm is by selecting a relatively decently sized area (roughly 9x10x3, ideally) where mushrooms can spawn and spread a bunch of mushrooms you previously gathered around the area. Then it simply requires you to wait as the mushrooms spread, which will slowly but surely supply you with more mushrooms.

Bonemeal farm

By using bonemeal, this is one of the simpler farms, but it does require more outside resources than the two previously mentioned ones. This method requires quite a bit of bone meal and increases based on the number of mushrooms you need.

To do this farm, you’ll simply need a decent-sized area, a block where mushrooms can grow, a few starting mushrooms, a good axe to quickly cut down mushroom stems, and time. This is a type of huge mushroom farming, so it will generally require a pretty decent area.

By planting the mushroom, bonemealing it till it grows, cutting down the entire mushroom, and repeating the process, it’s a simple but very active way to farm mushrooms. This also requires a lot of bone meal.

Bone meal can be acquired through skeletons or by fossils, both found in the overworld and the nether, which are made out of bone blocks. Skeletons can be farmed in specific ways, and if you’re curious about a skeleton farm for this method, I’ll link to a quick guide to help you farm bones down below.

Link to the guide here:

Semi-Automatic Huge Mushroom Farm

This is the final type of farm I’ll explain, and it’s by far the most difficult and resource-intensive. But at the same time, it will ultimately save you time and effort due to it being a semi-automatic farm.

For this farm, you’ll need the following materials:

  • 2 chests
  • 1 hopper
  • 2 water buckets
  • 2 glass blocks
  • 4 ladders
  • 1 lever
  • 1 redstone dust
  • 1 Redstone repeater
  • 1 redstone torch
  • 1 dispenser
  • 1 dirt block
  • 4 stacks of solid blocks
  • 2 stacks of slabs

For this farm, you’ll want to find an area that’s at least 11×11 to fit the entire farm. This has no biome restrictions, so you can set up this farm wherever you please.

  1. Make an 11×11 open square with your solid blocks and fill in the area.
  2. Create a 1 block tall wall using the 11×11 blocks as your edges.
  3. Then, on top of that wall, place your slabs (which will prevent mob spawning).
  4. (optional) If you don’t have one, you should use your solid blocks and water buckets to create an infinite water source.
  5. Place water across one side of the wall so that each block has a water source.
  6. On the other side of the square from where you put your water, break down 1 block, then on one side place down a water bucket so that the stream flows to the other side to setup your water system.
  7. On the outside of where the water flow ends, break four blocks, making a mini square directly under the area, so that two stick out and two are under the 11×11 square.
  8. Place two chests on the side that’s under the 11×11 square, break the blocks above the chest, and replace them with your glass blocks.
  9. Behind the chest, break the block and place a hopper.
  10. Now on the space above the hopper, build 13 blocks up using solid blocks.
  11. Now build an 8×8 square using the tower you just built as the corner. After that’s done, you can remove the 13-block tower. Then fill in the 8×8 square.
  12. Cover the 8×8 roof with slabs.
  13. In roughly the middle area of the side that has the flowing water, place your ladders, then break the top slab and place a solid block. Then place a ladder on the new solid block.
  14. Build 5 blocks straight from the new ladder, and for the last block, place your dirt block.
  15. Place a dispenser on the block behind the dirt, while making sure it’s facing the dirt.
  16. Then create a redstone clock using your redstone components (an image of how it’s done will be below).
  17. Add bonemeal to the dispenser (the more, the better).
  18. Now you simply place down a mushroom and it will instantly grow, then use a good axe while standing in place to mine the tree quickly, then repeat.
Part of a mushroom farm

This method is quite fast and makes collection and bone meal automatic, making it one of the fastest ways of collecting mushrooms with little to no effort.

Fully Automatic Small Mushroom Farm

If you’re looking for a fully automatic farm, there are quite a few different setups that can work. One of the most common setups is one I’ll link below. This can help if you’re looking for a simple automatic farm that does all the work for you.

Here’s a link to the automatic farm:

Why would I make a mushroom farm?

Mushroom farms are simple, but they also don’t typically have many uses. The main reason for mushroom farms is mushroom stew, which is one of the best foods in the game. Being much better than carrots, rabbit stew, potatoes, steak, and more. The major drawback of the food is the ingredient cost and the bowls that are required. You can make the stew by combining an empty bowl with brown and red mushrooms.

You can also make suspicious stew with mushrooms, which is an odd but quite interesting item. This is a great item for obtaining special status effects, which are commonly used for achievement hunting.

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