Cute Skins in Minecraft – Helpful Tips and information

How to find Cute Skins for Minecraft

Finding cute skins is simple, it only requires a bit of research. There are certain sites where you can search for skins. Some of the best sites you can visit are listed below, each giving a large catalog for different skins you can use to enhance your visual gameplay.

These are just a few examples of sites where you can search for different types of skins for Minecraft. You can simply just open these websites, search for the skins you want, and then download them. If you don’t know how to apply the skins to your character, that will be explained in detail below.

How to find cute skins for Minecraft Bedrock

Minecraft bedrock edition is quite different, as this is not the main way to look for skins using this version of the game. This version of the game has a dressing room, where players can purchase skins, texture packs, etc, and apply them directly to their character. By opening the classic skins tab, you can then find skins you can use for your character.

While you can still use the previous method, it does require you to play bedrock on a PC or your phone, but this will be explained further down in the article.

Cute Skin Ideas for Minecraft

Now one of the types of cute skins you can find in Minecraft is school girl skins. These skins are quite adorable and very easy to search for! You can just simply search on the sites below for the term “school girl” and it will show the types of skins you can get. One of the skins you can get is a cute school girl with pink hair, with a simple uniform, linked here:

A cute skin in Minecraft

Another skin in Minecraft that’s adorable is a fox skin, which displays a simple fox. You can find similar skins by simply looking for the keyword “fox” on the sites above. It’s simplistic but very cute. You can find the direct link here:

One of the cute skins you can select in Minecraft

If you’re a guy who’s interested in cute skins, don’t worry, there’s plenty for you to look for. By using the keyword “cute boy” you’ll be able to find skins that depict males in cute outfits. You can find an example of that at this link:

Can I make my Cute Minecraft skins by myself?

Of course! While making skins in Minecraft isn’t easy, there are plenty of tools to help you. Some examples of sites that you can use to create and edit your skins are: 

These sites will allow you to go in and create your skins, or even edit pre-existing ones to your liking. 

If you are interested, you can even find bases for skins, such as pre-existing character models or outfits. These will allow you to fix and combine skins to your liking if you only like certain outfits or certain character models. If you’re interested in this aspect, you can simply search the keyword “base” on the skin sites, and it should show you the bases people have created for their skins. Using further keywords such as cute, pretty, dark, etc will grant you even further selection based on what you’re looking for.

Making skins in Minecraft bedrock

This is a straightforward process, but by opening the dressing room on the main screen of the game, and then opening Character Creator, you’ll be able to create skins as you please, within the limits of this version. It should be noted that you will not have access to bases using this method, unlike the previous method.

How to apply skins to your character

This method will change depending on the version of the game you play, so I’ll go through each independently. 

Java Edition

  1. For the Java Edition of the game, you’ll have to open the launcher and then go into the skin tab.
  2. You can then press the “add skin” button which will open your download folder
  3. You’ll then open the folder where you saved the skin you downloaded from the site and double-click the skins file.
  4. Then select the skin in the skin tab of your Minecraft launcher
  5. Then you’re done! Your skin should be applied when you enter the game.

Bedrock Edition

  1. Open your game and go to the dressing room
  2. Go to the classic skins tab
  3. Press the “Choose New Skin” button
  4. You’ll then open the folder where you saved the skin you downloaded from the site and double-click the skins file.
  5. Then select the skin type and there you go!  You now just have to go into your world and see your new skin applied.

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