10 Gorgeous Minecraft Gazebo Ideas

A good gazebo can turn a pathway or a resting spot into a work of art in your Minecraft world. They can be used as town centers, pathway intersections, rest areas, and even as enchanting rooms and homes. In this list, I’ll show you ten different gazebos to act as inspiration for your own gazebo build.

Cherry Gazebo

A Cherry Gazebo in Minecraft by Zaypixel.
Image via Zaypixel on YouTube

Creator: Zaypixel on YouTube

Tutorial: Available on YouTube

This build takes the lovely pink wood and leaves of the new Cherry Grove trees and turns it into a gorgeous centerpiece for any town. Zaypixel illustrates the usefulness of this particular Gazebo by turning it into an enchanting room rather than just a decoration. It’s the perfect place to sit back and work a little magic on any of your gear! To achieve a similar fantasy aesthetic, focus on recreating the high walls and circular shapes of the roof and the gazebo as a whole.

Glass Flower Gazebo

A Stained Glass Flower Gazebo in Minecraft by BB's Hideaway.
Image via BB’s Hideaway on YouTube

Creator: BB’s Hideaway on YouTube

Tutorial: Available on YouTube

Unlike the previous build, this pavilion is truly meant to be a work of art. It reminds me of the intricate flower lamps and earrings that are growing in popularity. You can make it your own by adjusting the colors to your favorites and changing up the light sources and building materials. Looking at this gazebo is a great reminder to take inspiration from the world around you when building!

Simple Brick Gazebo

A simple brick Gazebo in Minecraft by ItsMarloe.
Image via ItsMarloe on YouTube

Creator: ItsMarloe on YouTube

Tutorial: Available on YouTube

If you’re feeling a little nervous about building your first gazebo, this entry and the next are the perfect ways to get started. It’s a small structure with one of the easiest tutorials out there to follow, so don’t shy away from building your own. The gazebo is made up of bricks and oak wood blocks that are very easy to find in the game. Oak trapdoors are used to add an extra flair to the base in combination with oak buttons and fences.

Beginner’s Wooden Gazebo

A simple wooden Gazebo in Minecraft by Ector Vynk.
Image via Ector Vynk on YouTube

Creator: Ector Vynk on YouTube

Tutorial: Available on YouTube

This small gazebo is the easiest to build out of the ten listed here. The hardest material to acquire is the glow stone, but that can easily be swapped out for a few well-placed torches. It’s simple, beautiful, and the perfect way to add a little extra sparkle to your base.

Delicate Wooden Gazebo

A gorgeous medieval Gazebo in Minecraft by Blitzheart.
Image via Blitzheart on YouTube

Creator: Blitzheart on YouTube

Tutorial: Available on YouTube

This build adds a little woodsy Medieval flair to gazebo builds. Each section of the roof angles up and points outwards, giving the feeling of a bird about to take flight. Texture is added through the use of several different trapdoors and cobblestone embellishments. If there’s anything that can be learned from this gazebo, it’s that playing with colors and adding layers of blocks is a game-changer for making gorgeous builds.

Fairycore Garden Gazebo

A sweet Fairycore Gazebo in Minecraft by SweetMarble.
Image via SweetMarble on YouTube

Creator: SweetMarble on YouTube

Tutorial: Available on YouTube

This fairycore gazebo acts as a peaceful retreat for all who enter it. The slim white pillars holding up the oak and cherry leaves give off a delicate and airy appearance that full blocks wouldn’t have produced. Many of the fairycore and cottagecore builds online use additional resource packs to add items like these pillars, but similar effects can be achieved using fences, chains, and end rods.

Asian-Style Gazebo

An Asian-Style Gazebo in Minecraft by Sekai.
Image via Sekai on YouTube

Creator: Sekai on YouTube

Tutorial: Available on YouTube

This Asian-inspired pavilion appears to be inspired by ancient Chinese architecture. The stone pathways and delicate hanging soul lanterns add an extra touch of elegance to the build. Sekai accompanied their building with a handmade cherry tree and other floral accompaniments, but it would look just as strikingly gorgeous near a small pond or lake. If combined with walls and a few other identical gazebos, it could be the start of a beautiful walled base.

Quartz Gazebo

An elegant Quartz Gazebo in Minecraft by BB's Hideaway.
Image via BB’s Hideaway on YouTube

Creator: BB’s Hideaway on YouTube

Tutorial: Available on YouTube

This is potentially the most elegant gazebo on our list. The white quartz and varied colors come straight out of a history book in the best way possible. The small ponds with coral-topped lily pads and rose bushes give it a prestige and relation to nature that feels like a garden gazebo within an imperial garden. It’s the perfect gazebo design for those who want to explore a more historical and “holy” kind of aesthetic.

Mushroom-Inspired Gazebo

A mushroom gazebo in Minecraft by WaxFraud.
Image via WaxFraud on YouTube

Creator: WaxFraud on YouTube

Tutorial: Available on YouTube

This simple gazebo is perfect for any cottagecore or fairycore fans who want to create a mushroom village. The roof and base colors can be changed to mimic any mushrooms they’re particularly fond of, from adding white spots to doing an entirely white or brown design. It could even be transformed into a mushroom home if a few walls, windows, and a door were added.

Cottagecore Gazebo

A cottagecore Plains gazebo in Minecraft.

Creator: Krista McCay from MinecraftVault.com

Tutorial: Not Available

This cobblestone and oak gazebo took inspiration from traditional cottagecore gazebos with leafy roofs and added an oak pillar in the center as well as a few oak logs on the ceiling to emulate the appearance of a tree. While players will have to prune their leaves many times to make a natural-looking tree from scratch, this may be made easier by placing a dirt patch in the center of a tree and bone mealing a sapling before adding the roof. This is especially true if a dark oak or large spruce tree is grown, although that would require a larger base than pictured above.

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