Fun and Simple Ideas for a Minecraft Kitchen!

So, you’ve built your house and moved up from a dirt hut to a grand multi-level home.  But you’ve already placed your bed, crafting table, furnace, and a wall full of chests.  What now?  Thankfully there are so many fun ways to fill the space!  One is a kitchen!  In this article, I’ll give you some inspiration for your very own Minecraft kitchen!

The Basics:

First thing first, you’ll need appliances.  Once you’ve placed your furnace and smoker which can act as your stove, you’ll need a fridge, cabinets, a sink and some counter space.  

The main way people make a fridge in Minecraft is to place two quartz blocks on top of each other (or a block of whatever color you want!) and put an iron door in front of it.  You can get the door effect by placing the door while standing to the side of your fridge and placing a lever in back of the fridge and flick it to keep the door closed.  Some people also use iron trapdoors.  If you want a fridge that works, try replacing one of the blocks with a chest or barrel!  It will affect the look, but it will allow you to actually store food in it!

kitchen fridge

Cabinets are pretty easy!  Most people just use chests or barrels.  If you’re looking for a more unique look you can try placing trapdoors on blocks of your preferred color!  This also gives you more choices for aesthetics.

Making a sink is pretty simple, take a cauldron and fill it with water!  If you’re looking for something more complicated, you can find tutorials on YouTube for sinks that work!  

Counter space can be made with any block, but if you’re going for a modern kitchen look, I would recommend quartz, granite or polished wood. 

There are a few ways to make chairs in Minecraft.  The oldest and most popular way is just using stairs.  You can add signs or trapdoors to the sides to create arms.  You can also make more of a barstool with a fence, slab and trapdoor or a piece of scaffolding and a trapdoor.  If you don’t need backings you can leave off the trapdoor and lean fully into the stool look!

The Walls:

You can do anything you want with your kitchen backdrop!  Here are some basics to help you decide what you want in your house!  For this I used a basic set up of a fridge, furnace, smoker, barrels as cabinets and some quartz counters.

Here you can see: stone bricks, polished wood, deepslate tile, brick and quartz blocks. 

The Floors:

Floors can similarly be anything, but I’ve taken the time to once again show you some simple options!

Here you can see: quartz, stone brick, and a mixed tile using quartz and deepslate tiles!


For some larger decor moments, try building a kitchen hood above your stove area.  Here are two simple designs I made with cobble slabs and fences!

You can also put a small kitchen table or bar beside your counter and appliances area!  Here is what a bar could look like made of quartz, with chairs made of staircases and trapdoors!

Minecraft Kitchen Design Ideas:

Here are some themed kitchens for you to get some inspiration from!  All of these were made in the same size, 7 by 6, in vanilla Minecraft.  No redstone needed, just simple building!

Modern Kitchen:

For the modern kitchen I stuck to a black and white theme.  I used quartz bricks for walls and used the checked floor from earlier.  I used a simple set up for the cabinets and used glowstone for light then surrounded them by trapdoors.  I used the deepslate bricks as a bar with simple staircase chairs.  I put a flower and candle down for decoration.  

Gothic Kitchen:

For the gothic kitchen I used polished wood for the walls and deepslate brick for the floors.  I once again used glowstone for the cabinets but this time I added chains on top for the aesthetic.  I put in a dark oak table using fences and slabs.  I also added black tapestries and a skeleton head in an item frame for decoration along with the flower and candles.  

Cottagecore Kitchen:

For the cottagecore kitchen my main blocks were birch planks and bamboo, which gave the room a lighter touch.  I used the birch planks for the walls and the bamboo just behind the kitchen set up to act as an accent wall.  I used birch trapdoors for the cabinets and sandstone for the counters.  The bar set up was placed against the wall and was made with bamboo fence posts and slabs.  For this kitchen I used the scaffolding chairs with birch trapdoor backings to match the walls and table.  And of course, for the cottagecore flavor, I added more flowers!

Rustic Kitchen:

If there’s one aesthetic that minecraft has all the tools for, it’s rustic.  For this kitchen I started with brick and spruce wood.  I used sandstone for the fridge to give it a more yellow look.  The cabinets are barrels.  I put a smoker and a jukebox in the corner to give the room some flavor.  For the table I used scaffolding with spruce trapdoors on top to make it look more like a table and stuck with the simple staircase stairs.  To add to the look I added lanterns hanging from chains and a large kitchen hood over the furnace made of cobble.  I ended with a fern in the corner!  I did have to place it on a grass block which disrupts the floor.  If you don’t mind that than you can leave it as is, but if it would bug you try putting trapdoors around it!

Nether Kitchen:

For a nether themed kitchen, I used basalt for the walls, placing some sideways for texture, and chiseled nether bricks for the floor.  I used netherite blocks for the counter and did not include a sink. (no water in the nether!) I included a light fixture of glowstone in the corner and mushrooms growing on the counter.  The chairs are made of nether brick walls and mangrove trapdoors.  I added shelves with nether brick slabs and chains.  Perfect for those who prefer the world on fire!

Medieval Kitchen:

Finally we’ve arrived at the Minecraft classic, Medieval style.  For this you can stick to simple oak planks and cobble stone!  I designed a large with stone bricks and fireplaces, with stoves hidden behind them so it’s still usable.  If you place a block on top of the fireplaces instead of the slab I used the smoke rising should hid the stoves even more!  I used oak staircases and slabs for the table and slabs and doors for the chairs.  I then placed chests all over for storage.  I didn’t include a fridge, but I’m sure your food will stay good in the chests!  

Happy Building!

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