Minecraft’s Blue Orchid: Location and Uses

Blue Orchids have a few bright blue bulbs on a stem with multiple branches. They are somewhat rare in Minecraft and share several uses with other flowers alongside a few unique uses of their own. In this guide, we’ll walk you through every way that Blue Orchids can be used and how to get them in your Minecraft world.

Where to Find Blue Orchids in Minecraft Java Edition and Bedrock Edition

Blue Orchids are semi-rare flowers in Minecraft that can only be found naturally in Swamps and Woodland Mansions. They can also be traded for with a Wandering Trader.

Blue Orchids in Swamp Biomes

Swamps are the only biome that Blue Orchids naturally spawn in. This applies only to regular Swamps — Mangrove Swamps will not contain any orchids.

Blue orchids spawning naturally in a Swamp.

Using bone meal in a Swamp biome will spawn a mixture of grass, tall grass, and Blue Orchid flowers.

Growing blue orchids by using bone meal on grass in a Swamp biome

Blue Orchids in Woodland Mansions

Two rooms in Woodland Mansions contain Blue Orchids. The first is the Flower Room, which contains one potted Blue Orchid alongside four other flower pots.

A potted blue orchid in a Woodland Mansion's Flower Room.

The second is the large storage room, which has two potted Blue Orchids on top of the shelves in the room.

Two potted blue orchids in a Woodland Mansion's Large StorageRoom.

Blue Orchids from Wandering Traders

A Wandering Trader will give Blue Orchids for emeralds in a one-to-one ratio.

A Wandering Trader's blue orchid trades.

They will sell up to eight at one time.

A Wandering Trader's maximum blue orchid trades.

What to Do with Blue Orchids in Minecraft

Like all other flowers, Blue Orchids can be used to help bees and fill up a composter. Unlike all other flowers, it is an ingredient in crafting light blue dye and creates a bowl of Suspicious Stew with unique effects. They will be dropped when hit with a bare hand, hit while holding an item, or if water runs over the block they’re planted on.

Decorating with Blue Orchids

There are 10 blocks that Blue Orchids can be placed on.

  1. Grass
  2. Podzol
  3. Mycelium
  4. Dirt
  5. Coarse Dirt
  6. Rooted Dirt
  7. Farmland
  8. Moss
  9. Mud
  10. Muddy Mangrove Roots
Every block that a Blue Orchid can be planted on.

While they cannot be placed in Decorated Pots, they can be placed into regular flower pots.

A Blue Orchid placed into a flower pot.

Using Blue Orchids to Craft Light Blue Dye

One Blue Orchid can be placed into a crafting grid to create one light blue dye.

Light blue dye crafting recipe in Minecraft.

Using Orchids to Craft Suspicious Stew

While Mushroom Stew can be crafted from one bowl, one brown mushroom, and one red mushroom, adding one Blue Orchid to the mix will create a bowl of Suspicious Stew.

Suspicious Stew crafting recipe using a blue orchid.

Suspicious Stew has different effects depending upon the flower used as an ingredient. When made with a blue orchid, it will provide those who eat it with the Saturation effect. The effect will last for 0.35 seconds for Java Edition players and 0.3 seconds for Bedrock Edition players.

Using Blue Orchids to Help Bees

Holding a Blue Orchid will enable nearby bees to follow you.

A bee following a player holding a blue orchid.

Feeding two separate bees Blue Orchids will allow them to breed and create a baby bee.

Feeding two bees a blue orchid produces a baby bee.

Feeding the baby bee Blue Orchids will help it grow into an adult faster.

Feeding a baby bee blue orchids to turn it into an adult.

Bees will also be able to use Blue Orchids to pollinate, increasing the honey levels in their hive by one.

A bee pollinating a blue orchid flower.

As a bonus, planting certain saplings within two blocks of an orchid will give them a 5% chance of growing a tree with a beehive.

Using Blue Orchids in a Composter

Like Lilies of the Valley, Blue Orchids have a 65% chance of raising compost levels by 1.

Adding blue orchids to a composter to increase its level.

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