7 Unique Minecraft Bedroom Ideas

For those not living the nomadic lifestyle, a base to call home is one of the most important things to have in Minecraft. It gives you a space to keep your chests and treasures, and, more importantly, provides a safe space to keep your bed. As a bed is one of the most important items in your base, it needs to be placed in a room that reflects this. 

This guide focuses on some of the many ways that you can decorate your Minecraft bedroom to make it the most perfect bedroom it could be for you. It provides model bedrooms as well as explanations of how items are used creatively to add decorative touches to each room.

Basic Survival Mode Bedroom

This room uses cobblestone and oak planks to recreate the aesthetic of a traditional Minecraft Plains Village! It’s perfect for beginners in the game since the basic materials are so easy to acquire. This also makes it really easy for kids to replicate!

The main components are traditional utility blocks like the crafting table, furnace, and double chests. It also incorporates smokers and blast furnaces alongside the furnaces. Its light source is a set of torches, and for decoration, the build uses armor stands with chainmail and netherite armor. 

It’s very simple and built for functionality, but its beauty is in that simplicity.

Experienced Adventurer Survival Bedroom

This is like the previous Basic Survival room but amped up for more experienced players who have gathered more resources in their world. It’s a slightly more complex design. 

The floor is made from black concrete with amethyst blocks separating the enchanting area from the rest of the room. Bookshelves are placed around the enchanting area next to a few utility blocks, with smokers and blast furnaces on the opposite end of the room. The lighting has been upgraded to lanterns, with Illager Banners being used as wall art. All of the room decor is centered around cool mob drops, from the banners to the shulker boxes and the Ender Dragon head and egg.

It’s perfect for seasoned adventurers who want functionality, but also want to show off their achievements in the world!

Lush Pond Room

This is one of the more fun Minecraft bedroom ideas on the list!  It takes inspiration from a Lush cave and leaves the entire floor covered in water! It’s like living over an axolotl aquarium, complete with dripleaf plants, corals, lily pads for walking, and of course the axolotls!

What’s nice about this room is that all functional blocks can be hidden beneath the water, like the crafting table and furnace in the above image. I used barrels as the storage blocks for the room to match the aquatic theme. Glow berry vines act as the light source for the room.

With the lack of floor space in the room, wall shelves are a necessity! These are created using trap doors. Simply place the trap door at the top of a block so that an item can be placed on top of it! Any blocks can be placed on top of them— in this room, those items include soul lanterns, an armor stand, and flower pots.

Collector’s Dream Bedroom

This is the perfect bedroom for those who love collecting unique resources in Minecraft! It takes inspiration from Pinterest bedrooms filled with plants and books. 

This room includes a desk area, a bed, and a reading nook. The desk is created with spruce trap doors and a cartography table. The curtains on the window above the desk are created by using banners dyed on a loom; this method can be used to make curtains of all kinds of colors and patterns.

The wall on the right-hand side is covered in chiseled bookshelves, which both look gorgeous and allow you to store all of your enchanted and regular books safely. Vines line that wall as well to provide texture and contrast to the smooth white concrete wall. A potted cherry sapling rests on top of the bookshelves.

The bed is actually made up of green and white carpet blocks placed on regular bookshelves. A chair made of a dark oak stair block and dark oak trap doors rests on the right, sitting atop a carpet made of glazed terracotta. Like in the previous bedroom, trap doors are used on the left-hand wall to hold dripstone, amethyst clusters, potted plants, and a large archeological pot containing a lantern!

Y2K-Inspired Pink Bedroom

This pinkalicious bedroom includes a bed area, a living room type area, and a dressing table!

The bed uses pink glazed terracotta and black and white wool to give the appearance of a pink and black patterned bedspread with white pillows. White carpet is added to the wool to fluff up the appearance of pillows, while cherry wood doors serve as the bed frame. The shag carpet around it is made from dead coral blocks, a tip I found from WhatIfGaming.

The sofa in the living room area is made from smooth quartz stairs. The TV stand can be made from chiseled or regular bookshelves, with the TV itself being a painting placed on the wall. The dressing table is made from cherry logs and cherry trapdoors. The chair in front of it is made from a cherry stair block with blank cherry signs on either side of it.

The light source in this room is a froglight on the ceiling. Wall decor is made from paintings and item frames, the ceiling is given texture through the use of glow moss, and a pole is created from the ceiling down using iron bars and a block of grey concrete. 

This room is perfect for anyone wanting the black and pink bedroom their kid self always dreamed of!

Experienced Adventurer Bedroom 2.0

This takes the previous Experienced Adventurer Minecraft room design and amps it up for a more creative, decorative look!

The bed’s comforter is made up of red wool blocks and the pillows are made of white wool blocks with white carpet on top. Oak trap doors act as the bed frame. On either side of the bed is a chiseled bookshelf for holding important books and lanterns for light. A shelf is made behind that using anvils and spruce trap doors to hold pots, mob heads, and any other decorative items you can think of!

In the back right, smokers and blast furnaces are hidden within a “closet” made up of spruce trapdoors. In front of the window lies a planter created by surrounding two moss blocks with trap doors. On top of it are a Sniffer egg and a turtle egg just waiting to hatch!

Bamboo Bedroom

This is a simpler design highlighting the game’s new bamboo blocks!

The walls are made up of stripped bamboo blocks, bamboo stairs, and bamboo trap doors. Lanterns are used as the light source, and an open glass door is created using glass panels connected to iron bar handles. 

Decorations are kept simple, consisting of large pots, small potted saplings, and one painting above the bed. The bed itself is made of carpet blocks placed directly on the floor. 

This would be a lovely guest bedroom for a bigger bamboo mansion structure!

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