How to Make and Use a Loom in Minecraft

For Minecraft players into decorating and creating builds, knowing how to use a loom is a must. They allow you to add an extra touch to all of your builds through the use of banners, plus help you create Shepherd villagers to increase the amount of wool in your storage. Whether you’re a beginner or just want to touch up on your knowledge, this guide will be all you need to become a master of the loom.

What is a Loom in Minecraft

A loom is a utility block in Minecraft that has two main purposes. The first is to place patterns on banners, while the second is to act as a job block for Shepherd villagers. They can be broken by hand, but break most quickly by using an axe.

Two looms in a Shepherd's home.

How to Craft a Loom in Minecraft

The ingredients needed to craft a loom are two strings and two wooden planks of any type, including warped and crimson planks. On a crafting table’s 3×3 crafting grid, place one string in the top left box and the second string in the center box of the top row. Then place one wood plank beneath each string to craft the loom.

The crafting recipe for a loom on a crafting table.

How to Get String in Minecraft

String can be acquired in a variety of ways, from fishing to looting chests and breaking cobwebs. However, the easiest way to get string is by killing spiders. 

A spider being killed and dropping one string and five XP.

Typically, a spider will only drop two strings at best. However, using the Looting enchantment will increase these odds. Using the highest level, Looting III, makes it possible for a spider to drop up to five strings upon its death.

How to Get Wood Planks in Minecraft

Wood planks are one of the easiest materials to acquire in Minecraft. Chop down a tree and place one of the logs into either the crafting grid in your inventory or a crafting table’s grid to create four wood planks.

Crafting four birch planks from one birch log.

Using a Loom to Add Patterns to Banners

Interacting with the loom will open up its user interface (UI). In Java Edition, it will look like the image below. Of the three boxes on the left, the one on the top left is where a banner is placed. The top right box with the color palette image is where a piece of dye can go. The remaining box on the bottom is where a banner pattern item can be placed.

A loom's interface in Minecraft.
The loom’s UI in Java Edition.

If you’re playing in Bedrock, the loom interface will look like the image below. The left box contains the banner, the center box is for the dye, and the right box is for the optional banner pattern item.

Opening a loom in Bedrock edition will show this interface.
The loom’s UI in Bedrock Edition.

If a banner pattern item is used, the interface will show only that pattern.

Where each item goes in a loom's user interface.

If a banner pattern item is not used, the loom will showcase every pattern available to be used either on the left side or in the center depending on which version you are playing. These patterns will include the pattern of any banner pattern item you have in your inventory.

Where each item goes on a loom in Bedrock edition.

Keep in mind that a banner can have a maximum of six patterns without using commands.

A banner with six patterns on it.

If you try to add more, the loom will not respond to your request.

More patterns cannot be added to a banner with six patterns.
After six patterns are added, the loom won’t do anything to the banner.

Obtaining and Coloring Banners

Banners can be crafted from one string and six wool blocks. On a crafting table, fill the top and center rows by placing one wool block in each box. Finish the recipe by placing the stick in the center box of the bottom row.

Crafting a purple banner in Minecraft.

Generally, after crafting a banner its color cannot be changed. There is an exception in the Education Edition of Minecraft, where bleach can be used to turn a banner white.

Every Dye Available in Minecraft

There are a total of sixteen dyes available in Minecraft.

  1. Red Dye – Beetroot, Poppies, Red Tulips, Rose Bushes
  2. Orange Dye – Orange Tulips, combining Red Dye with Yellow Dye
  3. Yellow Dye – Dandelions, Sunflowers
  4. Light Green Dye – Sea Pickles, adding White Dye to Green Dye
  5. Green Dye – Cactus
  6. Cyan Dye – Adding Blue Dye and Green Dye together
  7. Light Blue Dye – Blue Orchids, adding Blue and White Dye together
  8. Blue Dye – Cornflower, Lapis Lazuli
  9. Purple Dye – combining Red and Blue Dyes
  10. Magenta Dye – Allium, Lilac, combining Purple Dye with Pink Dye
  11. Pink Dye – Pink Tulip, Peony, Adding Red Dye to White Dye
  12. Brown Dye – Cocoa Beans
  13. White Dye – Bone Meal, Lily of the Valley
  14. Light Grey Dye – Oxeye Daisy, White Tulip, Combining Grey and White Dye
  15. ​Grey Dye – Black Dye and White Dye
  16. Black Dye – Inksac, Wither Rose
Every dye available in Minecraft

How to Get Every Banner Pattern Item in Minecraft

Java Edition players will be able to get six different banner patterns while Bedrock players have access to eight. Of the eight total patterns, six can be crafted and two cannot. Patterns can be reused, so you’ll only need to craft one of each.

Creeper Banner Pattern

The Creeper banner pattern places a pattern of a creeper face on a banner, creating a Creeper Charge Banner. 

A Creeper Charge Banner.
A Creeper Charge Banner.

Its crafting recipe includes one piece of paper and one creeper head.

Crafting recipe for a Creeper banner pattern.
Creeper Charge Banner Pattern crafting recipe.

Flower Banner Pattern

The Flower banner pattern places a flower icon on a banner to create a Flower Charge Banner.

A Flower Charge Banner.
A Flower Charge Banner.

It can be crafted by combining one paper and one oxeye daisy.

Crafting recipe for a Flower banner pattern.
Flower Charge Banner Pattern crafting recipe.

Skull Banner Pattern

The Skull banner pattern places a skull and crossbones on a banner, now called a Skull Charge Banner.

A Skull Charge Banner.
A Skull Charge Banner.

It is crafted by combining one piece of paper and one Wither Skeleton Skull.

Crafting recipe for a Skull banner pattern.
Crafting recipe for a Skull Charge banner pattern.

Thing Banner Pattern

The Thing banner pattern puts the old Mojang logo on a banner, turning it into a Thing Banner.

A Thing Banner.
A Thing Banner.

The Thing pattern is crafted by combining a piece of paper with an enchanted golden apple.

Crafting recipe for a Thing banner pattern.
Crafting recipe for a Thing banner pattern.

Bordure Indented Banner Patterne

A Bedrock exclusive, the Bordure Indented pattern puts a fancy border around the edge of a banner.

A Bordure Indented Banner.
A Bordure Indented Banner.

It can be crafted by combining one piece of paper with one vine.

Bordure Indented Banner Pattern crafting recipe.
Bordure Indented Banner Pattern crafting recipe.

Field Masoned Banner Pattern

Like the Bordure Indented pattern, the Field Masoned pattern is a Bedrock exclusive. It places a brick pattern on a banner.

Field Masoned Banner.
Field Masoned Banner.

It can be crafted by combining one piece of paper with one block of bricks.

Field Masoned Banner Pattern crafting recipe.
Field Masoned Banner Pattern crafting recipe.

Globe Banner Pattern

The Globe banner pattern prints a cube-shaped globe on a banner.

A Globe banner.
A Globe banner.

It can only be obtained by trading with a master-level Cartographer. The villager will give it to you for eight emeralds.

Trading a Master-level Cartographer 7 emeralds for a Globe Banner Pattern.
Trading for Globe banner pattern.

Snout Banner Pattern

The Snout banner adds the imprint of a Piglin’s snout to a banner.

A Snout Banner.
A Snout Banner.

The Snout banner can only be found as loot in a Bastion Remnant.

Finding a Snout Banner Pattern in a Bastion Remnant.
Finding a Snout banner pattern in a Bastion Remnant.

Using a Loom as the Job Block for a Shepherd

To use a loom as a job site block, you’ll need to place it in front of an unemployed villager. The villager should quickly accept the job and become a Shepherd.

A newly-employed Shepherd villager in Minecraft.

Shepherd villagers will start by trading wool for emeralds, graduating up to selling items made from wool—like banners, beds, and carpets—in exchange for emeralds. They will also trade some dyes for emeralds.

Shepherd villager trades in Minecraft.

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