Crafting Delicious Cookies in Minecraft

Chocolate chip cookies are a beloved food for kids and adults alike. They’re sweet, chocolatey, sometimes salty, but always delicious. With the love we have for them, why not include them in Minecraft and let our avatars enjoy them the same way we do?

This guide walks you through how to obtain the ingredients for crafting cookies as well as the crafting recipe for them. It applies to all players, from PC players on Java Edition to players playing the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft on iOS, Android, PC, Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo Switch. No matter what or how you play, you’ll be able to amass all of the cookies your heart desires!

What Do Cookies Do in Minecraft?

Cookies have two main uses, as well as one bad side-effect. They help with hunger and can be used as compost, but unfortunately are deadly to Minecraft parrots due to the fact that they contain chocolate. 

Cookies as a Food Source

Cookies are a food item that restores two hunger, which completely refills one hunger bar. They only give 0.4 saturation points each, so they are not very good as a standalone resource the same way cooked steak is. However, they make good little snacks in-game. 

Using Cookies as Compost

Cookies have an 85% chance of successfully being composted in Minecraft, making them a very efficient way to produce bone meal from a composter.

Minecraft Cookies and Pet Parrots

Unfortunately, Minecraft cookies are deadly to parrots in-game, killing them outright in Java Edition and giving them Fatal Poisoning in Bedrock Edition. Keep your bird friends safe, and feed them only seeds!

What Do You Need to Craft Cookies in Minecraft?

The ingredients for cookies are relatively simple; all you need is two wheat and one cocoa bean. Both are relatively easy ingredients to get in Minecraft so long as you are near a grassy biome and a Jungle biome.

If you don’t know how to find or farm either, don’t stress! This guide will walk you through finding and farming both, starting with wheat.

How to Grow Wheat in Minecraft

Wheat is an essential crop within Minecraft, being used for everything from cookies to breeding animals. It can be gathered from village farms and the hay blocks strewn around villages, but it is important to know how to grow it yourself in order to gather plenty of it. 

To start, you need a water source to grow the wheat around. The easiest way is to fill a bucket with water, dig a one-block hole, and fill it with water.

A water hole at the center of what will be a wheat farm.

After that, you need to use a hoe on the ground around the water to create “farmland”. If you don’t have a hoe, a simple wooden hoe can be crafted with two sticks and two wooden planks of any wood type.

Wooden hoe crafting recipe

Farmland can be created by hoeing dirt in a 9-block by 9-block square with the water in the center.

A patch of farmland ready for planting.

Once the farmland turns a darker brown color, it’s ready for seeds to be planted! Wheat seeds can be obtained in multiple ways, from trades to chests. The easiest way is to break grass and tall grass, which have a 12.5% chance of dropping seeds. This rate is affected by the use of the Fortune enchantment if you need to grab a lot of seeds at once.

Breaking grass will sonetines dro

Once you have seeds, all you have to do to plant them is interact with the farmland while holding the seeds. After planting, you’ll have the start of a great wheat field.

A freshly planted wheat field.

After waiting for enough time, you’ll have a fully-grown wheat field ready for harvest!

A fully-grown wheat field.

Breaking fully grown wheat will produce one wheat as well as anywhere between one and four wheat seeds.

How to Get Cocoa Beans in Minecraft

In both versions of Minecraft, cocoa beans can be found growing naturally. In Java Edition, this is the only way to obtain them. However, Bedrock Edition players can also find cocoa beans by fishing in the Jungle biomes.

Finding and Farming Cocoa Beans in Minecraft

Cocoa beans can only be found in Jungle biomes in the form of cocoa pods growing on the trunks of some Jungle trees.

Cocoa pods growing wildly on Jungle trees.

Cocoa pods grow in three stages. The first is a small, green-colored pod that only drops one bean. The second stage is slightly larger than the first, turning a dark tan color but still only dropping one bean. The final stage is a warm brown color and drops two to three beans.

This image depicts the three stages of cocoa pods with the youngest on the right and the pod ready for harvest on the left.
The pod on the left is ready to be harvested, the middle is almost ready, and the right is newly planted.

Starting a cocoa bean farm is very easy. All it requires is jungle logs and cocoa beans. After placing the jungle logs down, interact with them while holding the cocoa beans to plant a cocoa pod! 

Freshly planted cocoa beans on a small cocoa bean farm.
A small, freshly planted cocoa bean farm.

From here, they will continue to grow until they reach the final stage, where you can harvest them and replant the beans.

Fishing For Cocoa Beans in Bedrock Edition

Fishing for cocoa beans in Minecraft can only be done in Jungle, Sparse Jungle, and Bamboo Jungle biomes. With a regular fishing rod, there is about a 0.8% chance of catching a cocoa bean. However, seeing as this must be down within a Jungle biome, it would be easier to just harvest a cocoa pod.

Cookies require two wheat and one cocoa bean to craft. They must be made on a crafting table, as they fill out an entire row.

In the top row of the crafting table’s 3×3 grid, place one wheat in the first box, the cocoa beans in the middle box, and the other wheat in the third box. This recipe will produce eight cookies.

Crafting recipe for Minecraft cookies.

Trading for Cookies in Minecraft

Cookies can be sold by journeyman-level farmer villagers. They sell 18 cookies in exchange for three emeralds, which is pretty cheap if you want to collect a lot of them fast and have a decent supply of emeralds.

Trading for cookies with a Farmer Villager

Villagers can be given the farmer job by placing the composter job block near them. After giving them the job, they just need to be leveled up to journeyman farmers to enable the cookie trades.

Free Cookies by Becoming the Hero in Java Edition

Defeating a raid and earning the Hero of the Village effect will have nearby villagers throw gifts at you. Farmer villages will throw bread, pumpkin pie, and, most importantly, cookies! It’s a great way to obtain them, especially since the effect will also lower villager trade prices, meaning cheaper cookie trades.

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