10 Unique Minecraft Barn Ideas

At the beginning of the game, Minecraft is all about getting more. Trees get chopped down, the earth gets mined in layers, and animals get thrust into pens to use as renewable sources of items like wool and leather. As time goes on, however, you have both the resources and time to make your animals something better than a pile of fences scattered around. Here we’ll show you ten different Minecraft barn ideas to get your creative juices flowing for your world.

Traditional Wood Barn with Silo

Image via Zaypixel on YouTube

Creator: Zaypixel on YouTube

Tutorial: Available on YouTube

The curved roof of the barn, the jagged dirt paths, and the brick silo to the side of the barn give it a traditional, well-loved appearance. This build has freely roaming animals, so the barn itself can be a little smaller since it doesn’t have to fit pens. Hay bales, flowers, and grass in the yard appear to allow the animals to eat whenever they please, adding to the free-roaming farm aesthetic.

Sweet Pink Barn

Image via Polar Cat on YouTube

Creator: Polar Cat on YouTube

Tutorial: Available on YouTube

Polar Cat posts a lot of super sweet builds, and this barn is no exception! The fake door is actually made up of cherry trapdoors with a cherry button doorknob, with both items reused throughout the build to add extra details like window shades on the second-story window. A small pasture is fenced in on the side to allow sheep to regrow their wool. If you’re a cherry blossom fanatic, you’ll want to look to this barn while building around your world.

Open-Air Barn

Image via Otama the World on YouTube

Creator: Otama the World on YouTube

Tutorial: Available on YouTube

Unlike the other barns on the list, this one forgoes the traditional walls for elaborate connected pens and beautiful decorations. Despite the lack of walls, this stands out from traditional pens by its use of interesting materials and the way it feels like one singular entity. It’s like the horse stable version of a barn—the stalls are created using fence gates and stone brick walls with a campfire roof. Pigs, cows, sheep, and horses are all given their pens while the covered center can be used for storage or anything else you’d like.

Traditional Brick and Oak Barn

Image via LennyRandom on YouTube

Creator: LennyRandom on YouTube

Tutorial: Available on YouTube

This spruce barn has a rustic kind of feel. The pasture to the left is nearly the size of the barn, making it one of the largest grazing areas on this list. While this seed uses mainly path blocks and coarse dirt, it could be fun to experiment with using farmland as part of the ground as well. Granite blocks are mixed with the bricks to create a worn appearance, while spruce trapdoors and spruce stairs are used for the roof and extra details of the build.

Cottagecore Barn

Image via Croissant Cat on YouTube

Creator: Croissant Cat on YouTube

Tutorial: Available on YouTube

This is one of the best Minecraft barn ideas because it illustrates how you can turn a simple barn into something more extraordinary by adding small details. Here, the exterior is transformed into something more fantastical by adding blocks like moss and grass to the roof and covering them in flowers. The fantasy appearance is further enhanced by the use of lanterns as a light source rather than torches or lamps. As a bonus, keeping the animal pens on the exterior allows the interior of the barn to be used as a storage space.

Beginner’s Wooden Barn

Image via Folli on YouTube

Creator: Folli on YouTube

Tutorial: Available on YouTube

This compact barn is great for survival mode players who want something easy to build but pretty. It has two outdoor pens with a roof made up of extinguished campfire blocks, plus walls of stripped wood and a spruce and oak roof. It could be recreated using any type of wood, from dark oak wood to mangrove, and the inside could be used for keeping animals, storage, or even just crops.

Awe-Inspiring Barn



Tutorial: Available on YouTube

Of all of the Minecraft barn designs on this list, this is the most extravagant. It takes up plenty of space using a fence made of logs, wooden slabs, and wood fences to separate its area from the rest of the world. While the walls and base are very square, the roofs add a nice contrast by being triangular in a much darker color. A faux wheelbarrow can be seen to the right of the front door carrying a few hay bales. The first floor has a central opening as well as a second circular one on the right side of the building. If you want something extravagant and luxe without being gaudy, this build has everything you need.

Big Red Animal Barn

Image via Goldrobin on YouTube

Creator: Goldrobin on YouTube

Tutorial: Available on YouTube

As a kid, cartoonishly red barns were the pinnacle of the farming aesthetic to me. This build embodies that in the bright red walls of the barn against the white-colored accents and black roof. If you want to really focus on the red theme, red concrete, red stained clay blocks, or red wool could be substituted for the current walls. This barn contains all of the major farm animals, leaving the horses in a separate paddock on the side.

Medieval Stone Barn

Image via TheMythicalSausage on YouTube

Creator: TheMythicalSausage on YouTube

Tutorial: Available on YouTube

This medieval barn brings a lot of inspiration for all kinds of builds, not just farming ones. Rather than using campfires as a roof, they are used here on top of the window similar to blinds. Rather than a silo, it has a medieval tower with turrets towards the back, plus plenty of barrels, hay bales, and holly bush decorations.

Rustic, Two-Story Barn

Creator: Krista McCay from MinecraftVault.com

Tutorial: Not Available

This barn was intended to match a smaller horse stable built using the same materials and the same roof. Crops can be grown on either side of the entrance, with a row of sheep on the left and a row of cows on the right. The sheep have grassy flooring so that their wool will regrow while the cows walk around on hay bales. The center of the room contains a pig pen complete with plenty of mud.

Additionally, a stone brick and spruce staircase leads up to two separate attic spaces. The spaces beneath each staircase are used for storage, so the attics can be used for anything, including extra storage space or a place to live!

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