What Can You Do With Paper in Minecraft

Are you looking to make bookshelves for your enchantment room?  Or maybe are you trying to make banners for your medieval castle?  Or maybe you’re looking to make rockets?  Then this is the article for you!  Here I will go through how to craft paper, what to craft with it, a bedrock specific trick using paper, trading with villagers, and a short history of paper in Minecraft at the end!

How To Make Paper:

Paper has an easy crafting recipe, simply place three sugar cane side by side on your crafting table!  Finding sugar cane is just as simple as finding water and walking around the edge.  Sugar cane can by broken and collected with anything and once collected is easy to farm.  If you leave one block when you harvest it will continue to grow.  Sugar cane is also used to make sugar!

Paper crafting recipe

How to Find It:

In both Java and Bedrock editions, paper can be found in chests of some shipwrecks found at the bottom of oceans, strongholds, the underground tunnels that contain end portals, and villages that can spawn in almost any flat area.  Honestly, crafting it is the best way to go, but if you’re looking for adventure, then a shipwreck is your best bet as it’s got an 89.4% chance of appearing in the map chest!

What You Can Make:

Paper can be used to make lots of things in Minecraft including books, banner patterns, cartography tables, maps, and rockets!  

Books are made with 3 pieces of paper surrounding 1 leather.  Books can be written in and stored in chests or crafted together to make bookshelves which are great for decoration and enchantment tables!


Banners are lengths of fabric you can use to decorate your house!  They are made with 6 wool of a matching color and one stick.  Basic banners come in many colors; white, light grey, gray, red, orange, yellow, line, green, cyan, light blue, blue, purple, magenta, pink, brown and black. But if you’re looking for a more interesting banner, you can add simple designs with banner patterns!  Banner patterns are made with 1 paper and 1 one block depending on the desired pattern.  There are 6 patterns in Java edition and 8 in bedrock edition.  Two cannot be crafted, snout which is found in bastion remnant structures in the nether and globe pattern which can be gotten from trading with a village cartographers.  

BlockPatternEdition Available
Creeper Head Java and Bedrock
Oxeye Daisy Java and Bedrock
Wither Skull Java and Bedrock
Enchanted Golden Apple Java and Bedrock
Vines Bedrock Only
Bricks Bedrock Only

Cartography Table

If you’re looking to map out your Minecraft world, paper is a needed ingredient.  First, you need 2 paper and 4 wood planks of any kind to craft a cartography table. These are used to zoom out, clone or lock a map, and in Bedrock edition they can rename maps, create empty maps, and add pointers to maps. 


Once you’ve made your cartography table, you’ll need a map!  Maps are crafted with 8 paper surrounding a compass. In Bedrock edition make an empty map with 9 paper and can add a compass to it making a locator map that shows you markers of your position and the position of other players as well as any terrain markers you add to it.   

Having trouble getting a compass?  They are crafted with 1 redstone dust and 4 iron ingots.  They can also be found in Ancient Cities, Stongholds, Villages, and shipwrecks. 

Firework Rocket

Last, but certainly not least, are firework rockets!  These create a beautiful light show and can be used to signal your location.  Firework rockets are crafted with 1 paper and 2 gunpowder.

If you’re looking for a bigger bang for your buck, adding additional gunpowder or firework stars will increase the duration of the rocket and explosion effects!

Anvil Tricks (Bedrock only):

In Bedrock edition paper can be used to zoom out a map in an anvil.

Trading with Villagers: 

If you’re near a village with a surplus of paper, novice-level cartographer villagers will trade 24 paper for an emerald, and novice-level librarian villagers will always offer that trade as well in Bedrock edition with a 2/3rd chance in Java edition.  And if you’ve defeated a raid recently and have the Hero of the Village effect, along with discounts in trades, villagers may also give you free things including empty maps and paper!

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