8 Cutest Resource Packs for Minecraft 1.20

While we all know and love vanilla Minecraft, sometimes it can feel repetitive and a little boring to replay over and over again. One of the easiest ways to spice it up is through the use of texture and resource packs! They are mods that allow players to experience the game in a plethora of new ways. Texture packs are simple packs that only slightly adjust the game’s visuals, while resource packs completely overhaul it with new textures, a new system interface, and more.

This list is filled with some of the cutest texture and resource packs available in 1.20 currently. From giving the game a more cottage-core vibe to injecting it with nostalgic art styles, there are so many options available to make your game super cozy to play! Every resource pack here was downloaded for free online to be played in Java Edition. However, their Bedrock versions [or a similar Bedrock resource pack] will be provided for each pack in the list.

OptiFine – Resource Pack Enhancer

While not every resource pack requires Optifine, it is a very useful tool to have when adjusting your settings for a new pack! It helps you configure your settings, offering more options and helping those with lower FPS’ run resource packs better. It can be downloaded on the official Optifine website.

If you need help with Java, from downloading it to getting it to open the Optifine files, this YouTube tutorial is extremely helpful.

8. MineBricks

This image depicts a village and sheep mob in the style of the MineBricks resource pack.

Lego has been making Minecraft sets for quite a few years now, so why not turn your world into one? Produced by creator MineBricks, the MineBricks resource pack turns your world into a Lego wonderland. 

With every step you take, you can hear the sounds of Lego bricks clinking together! The toolbar is slightly different, and the inventory and work table backgrounds are made up of Lego tiles. It’s such an interesting concept, and it would be an adorable way to bring your Lego builds into your Minecraft World!

JAVA: Download on the official MineBricks website. There is a free version, as well as a $5 higher-quality version.

BEDROCK: Closest would be “Bricks Expansion” by Shapescape on the Minecraft Marketplace.

7. SmellsLike8Bit

This image depicts two pigs looking at the player with a village in the background. It was taken using the SmellsLike8Bit resource pack.

This pack by aTwigAnd2Stones brings a retro gaming touch into Minecraft. The flowers dance and sway like in old Mario Games, a resemblance which is only emphasized by the retextured vines and grass/dirt blocks. The in-game paintings similarly represent scenes from popular older games, like Super Mario and Duck Hunt! Mobs are giving updated appearances that aren’t overtly cutesy but fit the resource pack well.

The system interface changes completely, with the toolbar being made of invisible boxes and the food, health, and experience bars each being made up of one long bar. If you grew up gaming in the 90s or early 2000s, this just might be the resource pack for you!

JAVA: Download it on 9minecraft.net.

BEDROCK: Try the Super Retro pack by 4J Studios on Marketplace! It doesn’t have the same references to video games, but it does have a similar retro style.

6. Hafen

This image depicts the player holding a sword and overlooking a lake with a cherry blossom biome over a hill in the distance. It was taken using the Hafen resource pack.

Hafen by Nongko is one pack that has been highlighted as a “super cute texture pack” more than a few times. Colors are vibrant, but not harsh, and all mobs are given cute, simplified faces. The game’s interface feels like a nod to old-school video games with its thicker font and orange and brown color scheme. Its aesthetic feels like a wonderful mix of cartoon and retro gaming, with some comparing its art style to the remake of Link’s Awakening.

This resource pack changes the toolbar, health and hunger meters, and the font for the experience level. In survival mode, the crafting and inventory menus are decorated like cute shelves to display your items on. They match the new game menu screen.

JAVA: Download it on texture-packs.com.

BEDROCK: Available on Minecraft Marketplace for 660 coins.

5. RetroNES

This image of the sunset in a snowy village was taken while using the RetroNES resource pack.

If you’ve ever wondered how Minecraft would have looked on the original NES console, then RetroNES is a must-have resource pack! It completely overhauls the game with new textures, a new system interface, a new color palette, and even new sound and music effects. The pack has changed hands since its initial creation, but it is currently in development by Knightworm.

Venturing into villages felt reminiscent of exploring old towns in Pokemon games. Shadows and highlights are much harsher, giving the game an old-school pixelated look. There are some gaming references hidden within this pack, like the Cheep-Cheep pufferfish.

JAVA: Download free on resourcepack.net.

BEDROCK: Try Super Textures x16 by Cyclone on the Minecraft Marketplace! It provides a similar old-school feel with a greenish-grey overlay as if you were playing on an old system.

4. Dandelion X

This image shows a Minecraft village complete with villagers, sheep,and cows in the style of Dandelion X.

Steelfeathers’ Dandelion X resource pack is perfect for anyone wanting to make Minecraft a little more cottage-core without making it too realistic. The beauty of this pack is the way that it adds to Minecraft’s vanilla appearance without completely reworking it. It makes colors and textures appear warm-toned and softer, particularly through its use of swirling patterns, splotches, and dots to blend colors together.

As a lovely bonus to all of the colorwork, Dandelio X gives some blocks (like bookshelves) randomized appearances, gives others 3D add-ons, and provides custom animations to others to keep everything matching! The interface gets a nice wooden-inspired update, with the toolbar containing those same swirly patterns. The hunger bar turns into a set of wheat sprites, and the level bar is transformed into a spiraling vine across the screen.

JAVA: Dandelion X can be downloaded on texture-packs.com.

BEDROCK: Try the Muddle pack by Razzleberries on the Minecraft Marketplace, or the Quadral pack by Syclone Studios.

3. Alacrity

This image depicts the player holding a sword and looking across the cobblestone path towards a village. It was taken while using the Alacrity resource pack.

Created by Satellance, Alacrity provides players with the perfect foundation for a cottagecore Minecraft experience! Its beauty really shines in its plant and animal life. Lilac bushes tower high, daisies cover the ground, and tulips rest somewhere between the two. Additionally, textured blocks [like vines and leaves] are rendered to look 3D, cows are adorably realistic, and the bunnies’ sweet little faces will have you squealing with delight!

If gorgeous flowers and cuddly animals aren’t enough, the pack adds plenty of detail to wooden blocks, including fence posts and gates, and utility blocks become much more adorable and functional-looking. The level bar now fills in purple, and the health and hunger bars feel more 3D.

JAVA: Alacrity can be downloaded for free on texture-packs.com.

BEDROCK: Try Clarity by Pathway Studios on the Minecraft Marketplace for a more realistic pack, or the Cute Vibes Texture Pack by Blockception.

2. Tooniverse

This image depicts a happy sun slowly setting behind a desert village. It was taken while using the Tooniverse resource pack.

Daft-Vader’s Tooniverse pack is another that has been beloved for a long time as one of the best cute Minecraft resource packs. It features a bright color palette and cel-shading that really emphasizes the cartoonish aesthetic of the game. It adjusts monsters’ appearances to suit the resource pack’s look without making them overtly cute and not scary. It is the perfect cartoony version of Minecraft!

It does not change the system interface at all. It does animate items like torches in the toolbar, which is a nice touch.

JAVA: Download it here, on texture-packs.com.

BEDROCK: For a cutesy-cartoon aesthetic, try Idyllic by Pathway Studios on the Marketplace. If you want a pack that pushes hard on the silly-cartoon aesthetic, try Cartoon Craft by GoE-Craft.

1. MS Painted

This image depicts a lush cave in the style of MS Painted. The player holds an axolotl bucket while axolotls swim in the background.

If you want a super cute resource pack reminiscent of childhood days, look no further than Stridey’s MS Painted! The resource pack is hand-drawn and features the 20 vibrant colors that can be found in Microsoft Paint. Everything, from block patterns to monsters, is asymmetric and simplified, like a crayon drawing brought to life.

The interface is hand-drawn as well, using a font similar to Comic Sans. Whether you’re someone who grew up with MS Paint or just someone who just wants a cozier, more nostalgic Minecraft experience, MS Painted will make your Minecraft World truly special.

JAVA: MS Painted can be found on PlanetMinecraft.com.

BEDROCK: Unfortunately, there’s nothing on the marketplace that matches the MS Paint style of this pack. The Plastic Texture Pack by Minecraft was the one that came the closest.

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