Crafting Pumpkin Pie in Minecraft

With the start of Fall, all eyes are on the pumpkin— pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin soups, jack-o-lanterns and so much more. With all of the hype around pumpkins in our daily lives, those in Minecraft deserve a little love too. Especially when they come in the form of a scrumptious pumpkin pie!

While it may not be as filling as cooked steak in-game, it still does a good job of both feeding you and looking oh-so-sweet. This guide will teach you the ins and outs of acquiring pumpkin pie, whether you want to gather every ingredient or make a farmer that trades for it.

What Does Pumpkin Pie Do in Minecraft?

As a food item, the primary thing pumpkin pie does is restore your hunger bar. It refills eight hunger points, which is equivalent to four of the icons on your hunger bar.

Here, my hunger has dropped down to five bars.

This image depicts the player with 5 full hunger bars.

After eating pumpkin pie, it raises up to nine bars.

This image depicts the player after eating pumpkin pie, now with 9 full hunger bars.

It will not keep your hunger bars full as long as something like cooked steak, but it’s a good, easily producible alternative.

What Do You Need to Craft Pumpkin Pie?

In order to make pumpkin pie, there are three main ingredients you need to acquire. The first ingredient you need is pumpkin, as the name implies. Secondly, you need chicken eggs. The final ingredient you need is some sugar!

Growing Minecraft Pumpkins

Pumpkins are not too difficult to find growing in the Overworld, but they are not a sustainable resource to harvest over and over. Instead, the best method is to grow them yourself.

The hardest part of growing pumpkins is just finding the seeds. While they can be found in some structures like Woodland Mansions, the easiest way is to find a wild pumpkin and convert it into seeds. They generate naturally in biomes with grass blocks, occasionally growing in snowy biomes as well.

Wild pumpkins growing in a Taiga biome.

One pumpkin can be used to produce four pumpkin seeds.

One pumpkin can be used to craft four pumpkin seeds.
Pumpkin seed crafting recipe

Pumpkin seeds can also be obtained by trading with a wandering trader. They will trade up to 12 seeds at a time.

A wandering trader may trade one emerald for one pumpkin seed.
Wandering trader pumpkin seed trade

After obtaining pumpkin seeds, you can plant them like other seeds by using a hoe on dirt or grass near a water source. Once the hoed dirt, called farmland in the game, becomes a dark brown, it’s perfect for planting!

A watered patch of farmland, ready for planting.
Farmland ready for planting

After preparing the dirt, plant one of the pumpkin seeds on the farmland.

A newly planted pumpkin seed on farmland.
Newly planted pumpkin seed

In order for the seed to properly produce pumpkins, there must be a free dirt block adjacent to it. The easiest way is to plant in rows: one row of water, one row of pumpkin seeds, and then one empty dirt row.

A basic layout for a pumpkin farm.
A basic pumpkin farm layout

From here, the seed will grow into a pumpkin vine which will be able to produce countless pumpkins! You can speed up the process using bonemeal on the planted seeds if you would like. This is identical to the way in which melons grow, except that each pumpkin grown will only drop one pumpkin.

A pumpkin farm that is fully grown and producing pumpkins.
A fully-grown pumpkin farm

To harvest the pumpkins, simply break the grown pumpkin. Do not break the vine, or you’ll have to replant it. You cannot automate this process using farmer villagers, as they won’t harvest pumpkins. However, automated pumpkin farms can be built using pistons.

Gathering Eggs in Minecraft

In Minecraft, eggs are randomly dropped by chickens every five to ten minutes. This makes it hard to consistently gather wild eggs, so your best bet is to make a chicken coop.

You can make it whatever size and material you would like it to be. The best way to start is by making fences and fence gates from the wood you have the most of; here I used oak wood.

A basic chicken coop.
A basic chicken coop

Now that you have a coop, it’s time to gather chickens. As long as you are holding a plant seed of any type, chickens will follow you wherever you go. Just don’t move too fast, or they will lose interest and wander off.

Chicken following a player holding a seed.

Walk into the coop holding the seed, then walk out and shut the gate.

Using the seeds to trap the chicken within the coop.

Now just repeat this a few more times with any nearby chickens. You can bring multiple at once, so use that to your advantage!

The best coop has multiple chickens for laying eggs.

After that, it’s just a waiting game. Leave them be while you’re doing other things. Eventually, you’ll check in to find eggs in the coop.

As the chickens lay eggs, they will be seen floating in the coop like a dropped item.

Of course, egg production will continue to increase only as the number of chickens you have increases. However, it can be difficult and time-consuming to lure a large number of chickens into the coop. That’s when animal breeding comes into play.

Just like how chickens can be lured with seeds, they can also be bred using those seeds. Simply feed two chickens one seed each to produce one baby chicken.

Use seeds to breed chickens to make baby chickens.

There is a limit to how often they can breed, but by checking in every day and breeding all of your adult chickens you will eventually have an army of chickens producing endless eggs!

Getting Sugar in Minecraft

The simplest way to obtain sugar is through sugarcane. The crafting recipe for sugar using sugarcane is one sugar cane produces one sugar; this can be done either in the crafting table’s crafting grid or in the personal crafting slots in your inventory. 

Sugar crafting recipe.
Sugar crafting recipe

Sugarcane can be found growing wild all over the Overworld at the edges of bodies of water.

Sugar cane found growing in a Swamp biome.

In order to grow sugarcane, you first need a space with water to plant them around. Sugarcane cannot grow unless the block they are growing on is adjacent to a water block. However, they can grow on many blocks like dirt, sand, mud, and moss. 

A basic sugar cane farm.
A basic sugar cane farm

To keep your farm going steadily, always leave the first block to keep growing and chop the rest of the crop down, as shown below.

Harvest the top sugar cane blocks, leaving the one at the bottom to regrow the rest.
Leave the base of the sugar cane to regrow

Similarly to pumpkins, automatic sugar cane farms can be created using pistons and observers.

Pumpkin Pie Crafting Recipe

The Minecraft pumpkin pie recipe is fairly simple. With the pumpkin, egg, and sugar in your inventory, head over to a crafting table. Place the pumpkin in the first box of the top row. Then place the sugar in the middle box of the top row, and lastly the egg in the last box of the top row. Placing one of each ingredient on the table will produce one pumpkin pie.

Pumpkin pie crafting recipe
Pumpkin pie crafting recipe

Since eggs can only stack in stacks of 16, you can only produce 16 pumpkin pies at once.

Minecraft Pumpkin Pie Trades

While farmer villagers won’t grow or sell pumpkins, they are able to sell pumpkin pie.

In Bedrock Edition, apprentice-level farmer villagers have about a 50% chance of four pumpkin pies for one emerald; in Java, this percentage is closer to 66%.

Apprentice farmer trading one emerald for four pumpkin pies.
Apprentice Farmer villager pumpkin pie trade

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