A Complete Guide to Feeding Frogs in Minecraft

If you’re hoping to gather Frogs of your own in Minecraft, it’s necessary to understand what they can eat. While only one of these foods is necessary for breeding frogs, it’s good to understand the other two and their benefits as well.

 We’ll also touch base on some of the important things to know about frogs. These facts range from their behaviors and jump height to the different variations they come in.

What You Need to Know About Frogs in Minecraft

Frogs were officially added to Minecraft in the 1.19 update, although they had been introduced to the game in 1.18. 

The three types of Frogs in Minecraft.

Like any other mob in the game, they have particular behaviors and appearances that you should keep in mind if you want to raise your own.

Frog Environments and Behaviors

Frogs are a passive mob, meaning that they will not approach the player with hostility or be friendly. They spawn in Mangrove Swamp and Swamp biomes in groups of two to five. 

Three naturally-spawned Frogs in a Mangrove Swamp.

They waddle about slowly on land but swim quickly in the water. They are also able to jump up to eight blocks high, which should be kept in mind when building them a home. They like lily pads and dripleaves and occasionally make croaking noises.

A Temperate Frog croaking next to a Warm Frog and a Cold Frog.

When a frog eats, they open up their mouth and stick their tongue out to grab the food and pull it into their mouth.

A frog eating a Magma Cube.

The Three Appearance Variations of Frogs

There are three variants of frogs, distinguished by their different colors. The appearance each frog has is dependent upon the type of biome they were in as a Tadpole. Temperate Frogs are an orange color and grew up in Temperate biomes like Plains and Lush Caves.

An orange Temperate Frog in the Forest.

In contrast, Warm Frogs are raised in biomes like Jungles and Deserts. They have a white and grey appearance.

A white Frog in a Warm Savanna biome.

The last type of frog is the Cold Frog, which has green skin. These Frogs grew up in colder biomes like the Frozen Ocean, Jagged Peaks, and Deep Dark biomes.

A green Cold Frog in a Snowy Plains biome.

Feeding Frogs a Small Magma Cube in Minecraft

Frogs can eat Magma Cubes in Minecraft, but only in their smallest variation. Frogs will ignore Magma Cubes in their first and second stages. When a Frog eats a small Magma Cube, it will drop a Froglight.

A Frog ignoring a large Magma Cube to eat a small Magma Cube.

What are Froglights

There are three kinds of Froglights— Pearlescent, Ochre, and Verdant. Froglights act as a level 15 light source, making them one of the brightest blocks in the game. They melt any snow that is within three blocks of them as well as melting ice within four blocks of the light. The color of the froglight is dependent upon the type of frog the Magma Cube was eaten by.

Pearlescent Froglight

If the Magma Cube was eaten by a Warm Frog, a Pearlescent Froglight is dropped.

A Warm Frog with their Pearlescent Froglight drop

Ochre Froglight

If the Magma Cube was eaten by a Temperate Frog, the froglight dropped is Ochre. 

A Temperate Frog with their Ochre Froglight drop.

Verdant Froglight

If the Magma Cube was eaten by the final frog, the Cold Frog, the froglight dropped would be Verdant.

A Cold Frog with their Verdant Froglight drop.

Where to Find Magma Cubes

Magma Cubes are hostile mobs that can be found in the Nether. They can spawn in any area of the Nether at any light level, so they are pretty easy to find. They are like slimes but jump higher and are fireproof.

Magma Cubes naturally spawning the Nether.

Feeding Frogs a Small Slime in Minecraft

When a frog eats a small Slime, a slimeball may be dropped. Just like with Magma Cubes, first and second-stage Slimes will be ignored by Frogs.

A Frog eating a Slime in Minecraft.

Where to Find Slimes

Slimes can be found in Slime Chunks and occasionally in Swamp biomes. In survival Minecraft, the only way to know a chunk is a Slime Chunk is by finding a Slime within it.

Naturally-spawning Slimes in a Swamp biome.

Feeding Frogs a Slimeball in Minecraft

Feeding Frogs Slimeballs allows you to breed Frogs. After feeding two Frogs Slimeballs, they will enter breeding mode.

Two frogs in love mode.

Once two Frogs have entered love mode, one of the Frogs will become a pregnant frog. They will seek out water to lay their frogspawn eggs. 

The pregnant frog laying their eggs.

From here, the Frogspawn will grow into Tadpoles that will eventually become Frogs. Where you raise them here will determine what type of Frog they grow into.

Where to Get Slimeballs in Minecraft

There are three major ways to get Slimeballs. The first, and easiest, way is by killing Slimes. Small Slimes will drop between 0 and 2 Slimeballs upon death. This number can be increased using the Looting enchantment if you need to gather a lot Slimeballs quickly.

Killing a Slime causes between 0 and two Slimeballs to drop.

The second way is by trading a villager 4 emeralds for a Slimeball. While this is certainly easy, it’s not really worth the cost when compared to the low cost and low effort of the first method.

A Wandering Trader selling one Slimeball for four Emeralds.

The final way to obtain Slimeballs is from baby pandas. Upon sneezing, they have a 1 in 700 chance of dropping a Slimeball. Since this is such a small method that requires a harder-to-find mob, it’s not sustainable. Like with the second method, it would be more efficient to leave this method behind in favor of the first.

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