Top 5 Survival Cherry Blossom House Builds

Who doesn’t love cherry blossoms? And not dying immediately in your survival world. Or not needing to stock up on thousands of blocks to have a nice house.

Cherry Blossom builds
Image from @Zaypixel’s “Minecraft | How to build a Cherry Blossom Survival House” on Youtube

Cherry blossoms both in the real world and Minecraft are iconic for their beauty and lovely color. When Minecraft finally added cherry blossom trees, I was both surprised and delighted, especially when I saw how they designed them. I looked for so many different builds that used the new cherry blossom wood and came across many, many different designs, but some of them were not really feasible or practical within a survival playthrough.

So, in this article, I’m going to go over my top five favorite survival-friendly builds that I found online! I will also be giving  some helpful suggestions for each one if you decide you want to build these cherry blossom houses yourself. None of these beautiful builds even require a texture mod to be enjoyable, though I’d imagine some mods would only enhance their beauty.

5. Lex the Builder’s Two-Building House

Lex The Builder (@LexTheBuilder on Youtube) has a simple, two-building, Japanese-inspired house design that has just a hint of cherry blossom and doesn’t go overboard with the pink. It’s a very straightforward simple build that is a nice balance of aesthetic and practicality that can be done even if all you have from the cherry blossom biome is a sapling from a wandering trader. It also comes with a helpful wall to ward of enemies and a stable to keep your horses!

While they don’t have any interior designs, they do have some helpful suggestions for what to do for outside decorations and there should be sufficient space to set up your necessities for crafting and survival. Not to mention that the build’s usage of cobbled deepslate, tuff, and calcite can help you clear up your inventory if you’re like me and save everything you’ve mined like a dragon overseeing their giant horde of random materials.

Here’s a link to the build: Lex The Builder

4. Snishinka’s Cherry Blossom Cottage

Snishinka’s (@Snishinka.m on Youtube) cherry cottage house does a great job of combining spruce and cherry blossom wood, and it is pretty easy to make! The exterior and interior of the house are adorable, and there’s even a look out tower connected to the bedroom. The creator does describe it as an aesthetic starter house rather then a survival one. This distinction is evidenced by the lack of a crafting area and the open air interior, which comes with the risk of random mobs invading your house if you’re not careful. But, you can easily still use this guide and just change the interior a bit to make it more practical for survival. I found it pretty easy to just add doors and move some things around to make room for a crafting area.

The build can be found here: Snishinka

3. Polar Cat’s Pastel Cherry Blossom Cottage

Polar Cat (@polarcat22 on Youtube) has a lovely pastel starter house that’s reminiscent of a cute cottage you would imagine finding in the woods. It’s easy to make early on, has a surprising amount of storage space, includes a little kitchen/crafting area, and has an amazingly charming homey feeling to it.

Polar Cat actually has cherry blossom builds for other necessary buildings like a barn, an egg farm, a greenhouse/bee farm, a stable, and even a bridge. I highly recommend checking out their channel if you want your other buildings to match your house or if you want a different style of house for your cherry blossom home. The reason this one specifically made the list was because of how easily it can be made in early game if you spawn in or near a cherry blossom biome.

Here’s the build: Polar Cat

2. Stevler’s Cherry Blossom House

Stevler (@Steveler on Youtube) has many amazing cherry builds on their channel, some of which are a lot harder to do than others. The one on this list, however, is definitely doable in Survival and is super pretty inside and out! This beautiful house build can be used for mid to late game of your survival playthrough, and it has so much space for all the necessary storage and crafting along with rooms that just look like rooms you’d find in a normal house! One of my favorite parts of this build is the second floor library and the bridge that connects it to the upstairs bedroom.

Stevler has numerous pretty pink cherry blossom designs on their channel, including a grand cherry blossom temple and a cherry blossom trading hall. So, if you’re interested in making either of those or even a more complex cherry house/castle, you should check out their channel!

Here’s a link to the build: Stevler

1. SheepGG’s Cherry Blossom House

I actually use SheepGG’s (@SheepGG on Youtube) build as one of my bases in my survival playthrough, and I love it. It’s so beautiful and the crafting section is super useful and well spaced. Not to mention, it’s a great usage of any excess deepslate you might have, and it incorporates bamboo really well. The pond area is lovely as well and is a great place to put your tropical fish. Despite the amount of space in the house, this build does not take too long and the materials are pretty easy to get, especially if you’re already in a cherry blossom biome.

I will note that at 18:22 they seem to create a 2×2 mega cherry blossom tree, and as far as I’m aware, this is not possible in vanilla Minecraft. So, don’t waste your saplings, bone meal, and time (like I did) trying to make that happen if you’re playing vanilla. Additionally, because I’m lazy and like things to be as few steps away as possible, I also put some brewing stands and furnaces where they put their moss carpets at 21:53.

Here’s the link to the build: SheepGG

The new cherry grove biome is hands down my favorite biome right now, and I’m so excited to see what new biomes they come up with next! All of the builds on this list are just my personal favorites for survival, so if you have other builds you think are better or deserved to be in this list, feel free to share in the comments! Please show support to these awesome creators who made these designs as well!

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