Minecraft 1.20: Simple Overgrown Greenhouse Tutorial

Every Minecraft player needs a good farm. While they can easily be made with farmland blocks and a little water, I find that a greenhouse is an ideal place to plant crops and keep them safe from mobs. The overgrown greenhouse in this tutorial is inspired by real greenhouses and doesn’t require any mods or resource packs. Pair it with a beautiful horse stable or barn to make the perfect farm area for your Minecraft world!

Materials List

You’ll need the following materials for the foundations of the greenhouse:

  • 164 glass blocks
  • 52 moss blocks
  • 22 oak logs
  • 152 oak stairs
  • 17 oak planks

I also used the following items for decorations.

  • Extra moss blocks
  • Vines
  • Glow lichen
  • Glow berries
  • 4 oak trapdoors

Feel free to include other decorations or swap the blocks for different materials. You’ll also want to have any crops you plan on growing nearby, plus a bucket for water.

Minecraft Overgrown Greenhouse Exterior

This section of the greenhouse covers the building itself without the overgrown details.

Oak Pillars

We’ll begin the exterior by placing the oak pillars. The building itself is 10 blocks wide and 15 blocks long. Place a log pillar at each of the corners to start. 

The outlined area of the greenhouse.

One of the 15-block sides will have the entrance to the greenhouse. Choose which side this is, then place an oak pillar on the fifth block away from each corner block. There will be four blocks between each central pillar and the corner pillar closest to it. There will also be three blocks between the two central pillars.

Placing the entrance pillars for the Minecraft greenhouse.

Raise the two doorway pillars to be three blocks tall. Then raise all of the corner pillars to be four blocks tall.

Raising the pillars of the Minecraft greenhouse.

Back Wall

The back wall is the easiest, so begin by filling it in with four layers of glass.

The Minecraft greenhouse back wall.

Side Walls

Start the side walls by filling in four layers of solid glass blocks.

Minecraft greenhouse's side walls.

For the next layer, add an oak plank next to each of the pillars and fill the center with six glass blocks.

The second part of the Minecraft greenhouse's side walls.

Start the top row by placing four glass blocks in the center. Finish the row by adding oak planks on both ends of the glass.

The third part of the Minecraft greenhouse's side walls.

Repeat this on the opposite side.


At the entrance, place upside-down oak stairs on the inside of the third block of the central doorway pillars.

The first part of the Minecraft greenhouse's entrance.

Each of the walls between the door and the corner pillars will look the same. Pick one of the sides and place three rows of glass blocks.

The second part of the Minecraft greenhouse's entrance.

On the fourth row, place two glass blocks in the center and use oak planks on the ends.

The third part of the Minecraft greenhouse's entrance.

Repeat this on the other side.

The fourth part of the Minecraft greenhouse's entrance.

Fill in the empty spaces between the pillars with oak planks.

The final part of the Minecraft greenhouse's entrance.


Start the roof at the front of the greenhouse. Place a row of oak stairs on top of the pillars.

The first part of the Minecraft greenhouse's roof.

Add two more rows of stairs to this, making the roof consist of three total.

The second part of the Minecraft greenhouse's roof.

Mimic this by adding three rows of stairs on the back of the greenhouse.

The third part of the Minecraft greenhouse's roof.

Turn to look at the left side of the greenhouse. Place an upside-down stairs block on the end of each third stair row. These stairs should be facing each other at the top.

The fourth part of the Minecraft greenhouse's roof.

Complete the top section by placing two more upside-down stair blocks. These ones should be placed so that they face outside of the greenhouse.

The fifth part of the Minecraft greenhouse's roof.

Repeat this on the other side to make the roof symmetrical.

The sixth part of the Minecraft greenhouse's roof.

Fill in the gap at the top of the roof with moss blocks.

The seventh part of the Minecraft greenhouse's roof.

Afterward, place upside-down stairs along the inner part of the roof. This makes the ceiling look more fluid. However, you can skip this step to save wood.

The optional eighth part of the Minecraft greenhouse's roof.

With this, the basic exterior of the greenhouse is complete.

Minecraft Overgrown Greenhouse Interior

The interior of the greenhouse is easier to make and can be customized based on what you want to grow. I want to leave a three-block-wide path in the center of the greenhouse, so I will leave this area empty while I make the crop plots. Start by digging up two holes on the left side of the greenhouse and two on the right. Spread them out and fill them with water.

Placing water holes for crops in the Minecraft greenhouse.

Next, cover the holes with trapdoors. This will prevent you from falling in them later.

Covering the water holes with oak trapdoors in the Minecraft greenhouse.

Now use a hoe on the ground to turn the left and right sides into farmland. I also turned the three blocks at the edge of my pathway into farmland for growing pumpkins and melons.

Using a hoe on the grass to turn it into plots of farmland.

Now the plots are ready for crops to be planted. I chose to plant wheat and beetroot on the right, pumpkins in the center, and potatoes and carrots on the left.

Planting crops in the Minecraft greenhouse.

Minecraft Greenhouse Decorations

This section contains all of the ways you can spruce up your greenhouse to make it look pretty.


One of the easiest ways to do this is with the central pathway. This pathway is made of stone bricks, cracked stone bricks, mossy stone bricks, and mossy cobblestone.

Creating a stone brick pathway in the greenhouse.

However, an easier way to do this would be to use a shovel to create pathway blocks. It’s a great alternative if you don’t like the look of the stone pathway or just don’t have the resources for it.

Creating a basic pathway for the Minecraft greenhouse.


To emphasize the overgrown look of the greenhouse, I recommend using glow lichen and glow berries to light it up. The berries can be hung from the moss ceiling, while the glow lichen can be placed on the wood, glass, ceiling, and floors of the building.

Adding glowberries and glow lichen to the Minecraft greenhouse.

Overgrown Decorations

Let your imagination roam for the rest of the decorations. One good way to start is by using bone meal on the Moss on the roof.

Using bone meal on the moss on top of the Minecraft greenhouse.

You can also replace some of the stairs on the roof with Moss blocks. Use bone meal on them to add to the look, but keep in mind that some of the Moss will spread to the grass blocks outside of your greenhouse.

Adding extra moss to the roof of the Minecraft greenhouse.

The glow lichen and vines can be added all over the exterior of the greenhouse to make it look as if the plants are taking over.

Adding vines and lichen all over the Minecraft greenhouse.

Don’t forget to bring the moss and vines to the inside of the greenhouse, too.

Adding vines, lichen, and extra moss inside of the Minecraft greenhouse.

Once you’ve made the finishing touches, your greenhouse is ready to be used!

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