3 Easy Minecraft Tree Spiral Staircases

Staircases are easy Minecraft builds used at either the entrance or exit of your other creations. While they can be made with regular stair blocks without much effort, making spiral staircases adds a unique touch to your builds that a regular staircase does not. These three staircase ideas use trees as the central pillar they wrap around. They’re perfect for any treehouse bases or lookout towers you build in your Minecraft world.

Wooden Plank Staircase

This spiral staircase requires a tall, sturdy tree as a base. I chose a tall Jungle tree, which I grew by placing four jungle saplings in a square.

Using a tall Jungle tree as the base for a staircase.

The only blocks used in this build are wooden slabs made from the tree you are building around. Begin by placing two of these slabs at the base of the tree.

Beginning the Plank Staircase around a Jungle tree.

When placing the rest of the slabs in the build, you’ll want to align them with the lower half of the next block up. Doing every block like this ensures that you’ll be able to make every jump to the next level.

How to place the wooden slabs to create the Plank Staircase.

When placed, the two levels of stairs should have a gap the size of one slab between them.

The gap between the two planks.

Continue this pattern even when turning to a new side of the tree. Keeping them uniform like this gives it a homemade childhood treehouse feel.

How to position a plank around a corner in the Plank Staircase.

Continue placing slabs until you have reached either the top of the tree or the entrance to your treehouse. It will look like the image below when completed.

The completed Plank Staircase around a Minecraft Jungle tree.

Note that because the slabs are placed on the lower half of the block, lighting items like glow berries and torches can be hung beneath them. The lanterns can be hung directly beneath the slabs, but they can also be connected to the slabs with chains so they illuminate the stairs below.

Adding glow berries and lanterns to light up a staircase.

Easy Jungle Tree Spiral Staircase

Like the previous staircase, this one begins with a large tree. I chose a jungle tree, but a large dark oak tree would work just as well.

Beginning with a large Jungle tree as the base for a staircase.

This staircase involves placing wooden slabs and stairs around the tree to form a looping staircase. You can place them in whatever order you’d like, but there should not be gaps between the blocks.

Placing jungle stairs and slabs intermittently to create the staircase.

Essentially, you’re building the stairs in a one-block radius of the tree. When rounding a corner, place one block out and then turn left to continue building the stairs directly against the tree.

Doing the corners of the Jungle tree in the one-block-wide spiral staircase.

Continue to do this until you’ve reached your base in the tree. It ends up looking like a snaking structure wrapped around the tree.

The completed easy Minecraft spiral staircase.

This staircase can be made as steep or sloping as you’d like. Add torches, lanterns, or glow berries to light up the space without covering the walking space.

Wider Jungle Tree Spiral Staircase

Of the three spiral staircases in this article, this one can be considered the most complex because it requires players to place blocks a little haphazardly until it looks good. I started mine with one slab against the tree and two others diagonally away from the tree.

The base of the wider Jungle staircase.

I then began placing the slabs higher to climb the tree. To make this look natural, layers will need to overlap with each other. Straight lines will make it feel too rigid and structured, so this staircase must have a circular shape.

Overlapping adjacent layers in the wider Jungle staircase.

You’ll continue stacking these layers as you go around the tree. I made my layers on the thicker side, but you can do smaller ones as well. The important thing is that it looks natural, rounded, and flowing.

The way that the wider Jungle staircase should wrap around the tree.

At the end of the process, it will look something like this. It’s idealized for treehouse builds involving circular platforms and lots of interconnected trees, like the Bright Tree Village from Star Wars.

A completed portion of the larger Minecraft spiral staircase wrapping around a tall tree.

For those wanting a similar kind of staircase, I do have a few tips.

  • As mentioned previously, make sure the layers overlap a bit.
  • You’ll want the staircase to have a width of about three blocks. This will change depending on how you turn the staircase, but generally, you don’t want it too narrow.
  • After going around once, take a step back and make sure the ring comes together the way you like. It’s easier to fix a part of it right after completing it than after completing the entire staircase.

Whether you recreate one of these staircases or not, looking over them is sure to help you build an amazing entrance to your next build.

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