Easy Beginner’s Guide to Mycelium in Minecraft

Mycelium blocks are a rare but useful variant of the dirt block in Minecraft. They can be used in most of the ways regular dirt can, plus a few special ways that only apply to Mycelium. The information in this guide applies to both the Java Edition and Bedrock Edition versions of Minecraft, including Pocket Edition.

What is Mycelium in Minecraft

Mycelium is a rare variation of dirt that has the traditional brown dirt texture on the sides and a muted purple top.

Minecraft Mycelium block.

Looking closely reveals a small particle effect emitting from the block.

The particle effect on Mycelium.

The only mobs that can spawn naturally on Mycelium are Mooshrooms, which are a great source of mushroom stew. This means that no dangerous mobs will spawn on them. They are also the only block Mooshrooms will spawn on, but they will only do so if the Mycelium is in a Mushroom biome and the light level is at least 9.

A naturally spawned Minecraft Mooshroom.

Where is Mycelium in Minecraft

Mycelium can only be found in Mushroom Field biomes. These usually come in the form of Mushroom Islands.

A Mushroom Fields biome.

How to Pick Up Mycelium in Minecraft

The main way to obtain Mycelium is by using a tool with the silk touch enchantment on it. Mining Mycelium by hand or with a tool not enchanted with silk touch will only drop a dirt block. Shovels will mine Mycelium most quickly.

Using a Silk Touch enchanted shovel to pick up Mycelium.

A rarer way to get Mycelium is as loot from an Enderman that has picked up a block of it.

An Enderman holding a Mycelium block.

How to Use Mycelium in Minecraft

There are a variety of ways that Mycelium can be used. I’ll go over all of them here as well as the method for spreading Mycelium.

How to Reproduce Mycelium

Mycelium spread occurs when a block of Mycelium spreads to an adjacent dirt block, turning it into Mycelium.

A simple Mycelium farm.

For this to occur, the light level above the Mycelium must be at least level 9 while the light above the dirt must be at least level 4. A Mycelium farm can be created by setting up an area with these light requirements and surrounding the Mycelium with dirt. Grass and Mycelium counteract each other’s spread, so you’ll want to keep grass away for an effective farm.

A Mycelium farm.

Be careful, as Mycelium will become regular dirt blocks if they are covered by an opaque block and the light level drops beneath four. For reference, sunlight is considered level 15 while torches are considered level 14. Additionally, keep in mind that any plants growing on a block where Mycelium spreads will be dropped off of that block once it is transformed.

Planting and Growing Mushrooms

Fungi like red and brown mushrooms can be planted on Mycelium no matter the light level outside.

Red and brown mushrooms growing on Mycelium in level 15 light.

Additionally, bone meal can be used on mushrooms growing on Mycelium to turn them into giant mushrooms. This can also occur on podzol, grass, and dirt blocks.

Using bone meal on red and brown mushrooms on Mycelium to turn them into giant mushrooms.

Planting and Growing Other Plants

The plants that can be planted on Mycelium blocks include:

  • Saplings of any type (the Mycelium will turn into dirt when they turn into trees).
  • Red mushrooms
  • Brown mushrooms
  • Crimson fungi
  • Warped fungi
  • Dead bushes
  • Ferns
  • Tall Ferns
  • Short grass
  • Tall Grass
  • Vines (on the side)
  • Glow Lichen
  • Azaleas
  • Bamboo
  • Sugar cane
  • Crimson roots
  • Warped roots
  • Nether sprouts
  • Twisting vines
  • Big dripleaf
  • Sweet berry bushes
  • Every flower including Wither Roses.
Every plant that can grow on Mycelium in Minecraft.

In Java Edition, pumpkins and melons growing off of stems can grow on a patch of Mycelium. However, pumpkins and melons will never grow on Mycelium in Bedrock Edition.

Turning Mycelium into Path Blocks

Any type of shovel can be used on Mycelium to create a dirt path block. Be wary of doing so as this will revert them to path or dirt blocks when broken.

Using a shovel to turn Mycelium into dirt path blocks in Minecraft.

If you’re looking for a more intricate pathway, I’d recommend checking out our Mushroom Grove Path on our list of 15 Biome-Inspired Minecraft Paths.

Using Mycelium as Farmland

Sometimes, you’ll need to farm off of Mycelium in survival mode games. To do so, you’ll need to use a shovel to turn the Mycelium into a path block. From there, use a hoe on the path blocks to turn them into farmland.

The process of turning Mycelium into farmland blocks.

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