Easy Guide to Green Dye in Minecraft

Dyes are a customization necessity in Minecraft. They allow blocks, leather armor, and certain other objects in the game to be turned into one of the many available colors. This guide covers green dye, but there are sixteen total dyes available in Minecraft.

  1. Red Dye
  2. Orange Dye
  3. Yellow Dye
  4. Light Green Dye
  5. Green Dye
  6. Cyan Dye
  7. Light Blue Dye
  8. Blue Dye
  9. Purple Dye
  10. Magenta Dye
  11. Pink Dye
  12. Brown Dye
  13. White Dye
  14. Light Gray Dye
  15. Gray Dye
  16. Black Dye

How to Craft Green Dye in Minecraft

To craft green dye, you’ll need a cactus, a furnace, and something to smelt the cactus with, like coal or wood. Place the cactus into the top box of the furnace and the fuel into the bottom to get one green dye.

Making green dye by smelting cactus in Minecraft.

Cacti can easily be obtained in any Desert.

Cacti growing in a Minecraft desert

Like sugarcane, leaving the lower block of the cactus will keep it growing new top blocks, which can be harvested for dyes. However, cacti will only grow on sand.

Leaving the bottom of the cactus to regrow in Minecraft.

How to Trade for Green Dye in Minecraft

Wandering Traders will trade three green dyes for one emerald.

A Wandering Trader selling three green dye for one emerald.

This trade can be done up to 12 times, resulting in a total of 36 green dyes.

A Wandering Trader can sell up to 36 green dyes at once.

How to Use Green Dye in Minecraft

Like all of the fifteen other dyes in Minecraft, there are a variety of ways to use green dye.

Crafting Cyan Dye

Cyan dye can be crafted by combining one blue dye with one green dye.

Crafting recipe for cyan dye in Minecraft.

Crafting Lime Dye

To craft lime dye, add one green dye to one white dye to get two lime dyes.

Crafting recipe for lime dye in Minecraft.

Dyeing a Bed with Green Dye

Adding one green dye to a bed of any color will dye that bed green.

Adding green dye to a bed to make a green bed.

A green bed can also be made on a crafting table by placing three green wool blocks in the center row of the 3×3 crafting grid and three wood planks of the same type in the bottom row.

Crafting a green bed from green wool and wood planks.

Dyeing Sheep with Green Dye

Sheep themselves can be dyed green by interacting with them while holding onto a green dye.

Using green dye to turn a sheep green.

Any time they are sheared they will drop green wool. Their wool color can be changed continuously by using different dyes.

Dyeing Wool with Green Dye

Adding equal amounts of any color of wool and green dye will create the same amount of green wool blocks.

Using green dye to color regular wool green.

Dyeing Carpet with Green Dye

Combining any color of carpet with an equal amount of green dye to produce green carpet.

Dyeing carpet green with green dye in Minecraft.

A second way to make green carpets is by combining two green wools in any crafting interface to create three green carpets.

Crafting green carpet using green wool in Minecraft.

Coloring Banners Green with Green Dye

If you want to make a banner with a green background, you’ll need a crafting table, a stick, and six green wool blocks. Place the stick in the center box of the bottom row and fill the top two rows with the green wool to get a single green banner.

Crafting recipe for a green banner.

If you want to add green patterns to a banner, place any colored banner and a piece of green dye into a loom. If you want to use a special pattern, you can add a Banner Pattern to the loom now as well.

Using a loom to add a green pattern to a banner.

Once you’ve chosen the pattern you want to add, drag the image of the banner in the bottom of the right box into your inventory to complete it. This will use up the dye and the banner pattern. One banner can hold up to six patterns.

Placing a completed banner in your inventory from a loom.

Dyeing Glass and Glass Panes with Green Dye

To create green stained glass, you need to place one green dye in the center box of a crafting table and fill in the other eight boxes with glass blocks. This recipe produces eight green stained glass blocks.

Dyeing glass blocks using green dye.

Substituting glass panes for the glass blocks in this recipe will produce eight green stained glass panes.

Dyeing glass panes using green dye.

Green glass panes can also be created by filling two adjacent rows in a crafting table with green stained glass. This will give you sixteen green stained glass panes.

Crafting green stained glass panes using green stained glass.

Dyeing Terracotta Green with Green Dye

Like the recipe for green stained glass, green terracotta can be made on a crafting table by placing one green dye in the center and filling the other boxes with regular terracotta blocks.

Dyeing terracotta green using green dye.

Creating Green Glazed Terracotta in Minecraft

After dyeing terracotta with green dye, it can be smelted in a furnace to create green-glazed terracotta blocks.

Smelting green terracotta to make green glazed terracotta.

Crafting Green Concrete Powder and Green Concrete in Minecraft

The crafting recipe for green concrete powder requires one green dye, four sand, and four gravel. Place these ingredients into a crafting table in any order to make eight blocks of green concrete powder.

Crafting recipe for green concrete powder.

To turn that green concrete powder into green concrete, just place it down and pour water over it!

Adding water to green concrete powder to turn it into green concrete.

Dyeing Shulker Boxes Green with Green Dye

To make a green Shulker box, all you need to do is combine one Shulker Box and one green dye in a crafting grid.

Using green dye to turn a shulker box green.

Dyeing Candles Green with Green Dye

In a crafting grid, combine one candle with one green dye to make a green candle.

Combin8ing a candle and green dye to make a green candle.

Up to four green candles can be stacked on one block to form a brighter light source.

Four green candles stacked next to each other.

Dyeing Leather Armor and Leather Horse Armor with Green Dye

In a crafting interface, leather armor can be dyed green by combining it with one green dye.

Adding green dye to leather armor to dye it green.

This also works for leather horse armor.

Adding green dye to leather horse armor to make green leather horse armor.

Dyeing a Minecraft Dog’s Collar with Green Dye

By interacting with a tamed wolf while holding a piece of green dye, you can dye that wolf’s collar green.

Using green dye to turn a dog collar green.

Making Green Fireworks in Minecraft

To make green fireworks, you first need to craft a green firework star. A basic green firework star requires one green dye and one gunpowder, which can be combined on any crafting grid.

Crafting recipe for small, round green firework star.

From there, the green firework star must be combined with one paper and one gunpowder on a crafting table. Place the piece of paper in the center box of the bottom row, the firework star in the center box of the middle row, and the gunpowder in the center box of the top row to make three small green fireworks.

Crafting recipe for fireworks using a green firework star.

When shot into the air, they will look like this.

Green fireworks in Minecraft.

While this shows a very basic firework, adding different materials can make them last longer, give them special effects, and even change their shape. This guide by Minecraft101.net goes into more detail on all of the different ways fireworks can be customized.

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