Is the Minecraft Bundle Useful

The Minecraft bundle is a recently added item in the game after the “Caves and Cliffs” update. Similar to the shulker boxes, bundles provide extra inventory slots for the player. This means the bundle can hold mixed item types within just a single inventory slot! But how do you get or craft a bundle? How do you effectively use them? Is there a catch?


Crafting Recipe

There is currently only one way to get a bundle, and that is through the crafting recipe, which includes 2 string and 6 rabbit hides:

How to Use a Bundle

While bundles are used to store different item types in one inventory slot, it doesn’t increase the total capacity of the slot. Each bundle contains 64 bundle slots with multiple different rows. An item that is placed in one of these slots acts just like how an item would in a normal inventory slot. This means that stacks of 64 like mob loot cover one slot, 16 stacks like eggs or ender pearls take up four, and unstackable items like swords and armor pieces take up the whole bundle.

Tip: Keep in mind that the bundle is currently only available in the Java Edition. However, there are plans to add the bundle in a future update for Bedrock Edition. It is also currently accessible only through the experimental data pack and is not in-game by default.

Bundles themselves cannot be collected in stacks, but they can be nested inside of one another. The inner bundle will take up 4 slots plus the number of slots that are already being used in the first bundle. This can make bundles incredibly useful and efficient when used correctly, making it an especially great method to have them around when mining or preparing for longer travels!

In order to place items inside of a bundle, you must either pick up and hold the bundle while in your inventory to place it over an item, or right-click with your mouse on the items to drag and place it into the bundle. To place a bundle inside of another bundle, the same steps still apply.

As an advanced tip, bundles can be used inside of your inventory in order to quickly access the last item that was put in it. This means that the items placed inside go by the logic of “first in, last out”. This can be very useful to remember when needing to grab a specific item or tool. When the bundle is used outside of the inventory, then all of its items are dumped out into the world free for grabbing!

When hovering your cursor over a bundle, you will be able to see how many items are inside of it and what empty slots are remaining. The number of slots is shown as <fullness>/64  in the tooltip. When the bundle is full, then the empty slots will appear with black X’s over them.

Remember: Shulker boxes cannot be placed inside of bundles

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