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What is a pumpkin in Minecraft?

Pumpkin is a type of fruit block (similar to watermelons) that can be harvested in Minecraft.

They can be grown using pumpkin seeds. Rather than growing from the seed, it will grow pumpkin stems, which will spawn the fruit one block in front of it. Using bone meal can fully grow the stem, but it will not fully grow the fruit itself.

They can also be used to craft pumpkin pie, which is a type of food in Minecraft.

Field of pumpkins

Where can I find them?

Pumpkins spawn in the overworld across many different terrain types, typically in grassy biomes. The only requirement for one to spawn is that it has an area of grass blocks where it may spawn. The area must be comprised of dirt, including all dirt variants, including podzol, mycelium, moss block, mud, and coarse dirt. This area also must not be obscured by things such as flowers, grown grass, or mushrooms. If this requirement is met, a pumpkin patch has a chance of spawning. They have a relatively low chance of spawning per chunk—only 1 out of every 32. This means that they’re are actually rarer to find naturally than diamonds.

However, pumpkins also spawn in taiga villages inside its farmland. In the Bedrock Edition of the game, they spawn in snowy taiga villages. They will usually appear in piles, such as melons or ice. Other natural locations where you can find them are shipwrecks, where they have a small chance of spawning inside the supply chest.

They also appear in woodland mansions. They will be found in the stem farm rooms, where you will find both melons and pumpkins you can harvest. They can also be found near some pillager outposts. They can be found inside the wool tents next to them.

Wandering traders can also sell pumpkins for players to buy for one emerald.

How do you carve a pumpkin in Minecraft?

Outside of the pumpkins themselves, little is needed to make them carved outside shears.

How to craft shears

Shears are very simple to craft in Minecraft, plus they require very few resources. All it requires is two iron ingots, which you can easily obtain from a cave or mine.

You can then open your crafting table and place the iron ingots in the top middle section and the left middle section. Then you have it—your new pair of shears. You can also do this without a crafting table by following the same pattern in your personal crafting area.

How to Carve a Pumpkin

To carve one, you must place down an uncarved pumpkin. Then you simply right-click the it, and it will carve it along with dropping seeds.

For other consoles that are not PCs, such as Xbox, Switches, PlayStation, etc. Whatever your normal interaction button would be, such as what you use to open doors or a crafting table,.

It should be noted that this process is permanent, and you cannot turn a it back to normal once it’s carved.

Uses for carved pumpkins

Crafting Jack-o-Lanterns

Jack-o- Laterns are quite interesting and have many uses. You can craft them by placing a pumpkin on the crafting table, then a torch right beneath it.

They can be placed down and will emit a light level of 15, which is the highest in the game. They can also light underwater, making them a great alternative to sea lanterns. This, like most light sources at this level, will melt surrounding snow and ice.

This makes Jack-o-Laterns a great decoration item that gives light. This is especially true for themes involving Halloween, as the aesthetic they give off is perfect for it.

Jack-o-Lantern being crafted from a pumpkin and torch

Making Golems

Golem’s are a type of mob that protects players’, villagers, and themselves from harm. Both are crafted through the use of a carved pumpkins.

Snow Golem

Snow golems are snowman-looking mobs with carved pumpkins on their heads. They will attack most enemy mobs but will not deal any damage; they will only knock them back. They can, however, damage blazes with their snowball attack. Snow golems will also leave a trail of snow on the ground when moving around, which can be mined by the player for snow balls.

You can craft a snow golem by placing two snow blocks on the ground and then placing the craved pumpkin head on top of the snow. Doing this will spawn the snow golem. You can also use dispensers to finish the crafting process as well.

You can use shears on these snow golems to get their carved heads back. This will leave them with a simple face after the removal. You cannot reattach the head back to the snow golem once it has been removed.

Iron Golem

An iron golem is a giant mob made out of iron that protects villages. They deal a lot of damage and are aggressive toward any mob that hits them or threatens villagers, including players’. They will spawn naturally in villages, but can be summoned using a craved pumpkin head.

Using 4 iron blocks, you should make a “T” formation, and then on the very center of the top block, place the head. This will cause the iron golem to be summoned.


In the Java Edition version of the game, players can wear carved pumpkins. There’s a few benefits to doing this as well, such as being able to look at enderman’s faces without agroing them. They can be applied with the curse of binding and curse of vanishing enchantments using an anvil, but this doesn’t have much use.

During Halloween, different mobs, such as zombies, zombie pigmen, skeletons, and wither skeletons, will wear the heads to celebrate the holidays. They can also normally be placed on armor stands, which are great placeholders if you happen to lack a helmet.

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