What is the Backpack Mod and How is it Useful?

Backpack mods are pretty self-explanatory, as they give the player access to wear backpacks and carry extra stuff! Whether it be to carry more supplies for long mining journeys, or to take with you as you travel the Nether or End dimensions, the backpack mods have proven to be incredibly useful. In this article, all of the facts about how to use this mod and how to install it will be explained.

Backpack Mod

How Many Backpack Mods Are There?

There are many different kinds of backpack mods for Minecraft out there, so it can be a little intimidating to pick the one for you. However, some of the best (and safest ones) to use are:

  • Traveler’s Backpack Mod
  • Sophisticated Backpacks Mod
  • Useful Backpacks Mod
  • Adventure Backpack Mod

Crafting the Backpack

Most mods like the ones mentioned above have the backpack as an easier way to increase your storage or inventory space. With that, the mods most of the time make backpacks pretty easy to craft. Most will just take a chest with a few pieces of leather to craft. However, mods like the Sophisticated Backpack Mod have tiers on the types of backpacks you can craft. For example, the basic backpack has 27 additional slots, but you can craft a diamond backpack for 108 total slots! There is even an update for most of these mods to have upgrade space for a netherite backpack or even special buffs too!

How Do I Install These Mods?

In order to install any mod, you are going to have to need Forge downloaded. Through Forge, you will be able to find most of the backpack mods to install as a JAR file. Once you find the mod file you want in your game, create a mods folder in your Minecraft directory. This way, you should be able to access the mod through the game by opening the Resource Packs option and the “Open Resource Pack Folder” option. If you run Minecraft with the Forge preset selected, then your mod will be installed and be available to download in-game!

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