Eccentric Tome Mod: Tips, facts, and important information

What is the Eccentric Tome Mod?

The Eccentric Tome mod is a mod that adds a single item to Minecraft, the Eccentric Tome. This item allows you to add guidebooks from other mods into one single book that you can read all the gathered information from.

This mod was originally created as an alternative to the Akashic Tome mod, mainly being used for version 1.18.1 of Minecraft. Another reason this mod was created was so that it has fewer requirements than the Akashic Tome mod.

Eccentric tome mod base book

How do you craft the Eccentric Tome?

The crafting recipe for the tome is quite simple and only requires a book and a bookcase. You’ll then open the crafting grid and insert the book on the top left and the bookcase in the top middle section. Then you’re done; this will craft your tome!

How do I add guidebooks to the tome?

Similar to crafting the tome, this is quite simple. You’ll take the eccentric tome you’ve previously crafted and place it at the top left of your crafting grid. Then place the guidebook you’d wish to add to the tome in the center top portion of the grid. Then there you have it; the guidebook should be added to your tome.

What is the mod helpful for?

The Eccentric Tome mod is very helpful for people who use quite a lot of mods and resource packs in their game. This mod will allow you to condense all the extra information usually provided by most mods into one book, which is great for storage and ease of use.

How do I use the mod?

The Eccentric Tome mod has a few ways the user can interact with it, which I’ll quickly go through.

  • Right-click while you’re holding the tome to open a book selection screen.
  • Shift + Right-click to change the Tome to the guide for the modded block you’re currently looking at.
  • Left-click to revert a book back into the tome.
  • Shift + Q to eject a book from the tome.

Where can I download the Eccentric Tome mod?

You can find and download the mod from Curse Forge by using this link:

You can then choose to either download the mod directly using the Curseforge app, or by downloading the mod directly and putting it into your game manually. The mod has no notable requirements so it should be quite easy for you to apply it to your game.

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